Tuesday, 27 June 2017

June 2017 // Days 169 - 175

June 18th. Day 169.
There is like a sea of purple in my parents garden! The bees love it.

June 19th. Day 170.
It's that sky shot again...meaning I didn't get the chance to take any other photos!

June 20th. Day 171.
A great example of nature taking over man made structures.

June 21th. Day 172.
Another day of failing to get a nice photo on my way to or from my jobs. This is in my 'garden'.

June 22nd. Day 173.
I've really been wanting to capture the majority of the species of birds we get here, during these 30 days wild, and a Collared Dove was on the cards the past couple days so I was pretty happy snapping this guy as I walked home from job #1.
However, on the way home from job #2 I ended up on a mini 'rescue' mission of sorts when I had to help this gorgeous 2ish week old abandoned Herring Gull.

June 23rd. Day 174.
I got such a cute posy photo of this guy back on Thursday of last week but ended up using the one of the Canada Geese instead as you never know how often they are gonna pop by. So I was super glad to see our (what I assume is just a very white) Greylag Goose had graced us with it's presence again today. Even if it did spend the whole time I was there preening.

June 24th. Day 175.
Jake and I had a day in Edinburgh together today. That doesn't happen often. It was a little disappointing that we ended up with rubbish weather as we'd planned to enjoy the gardens a little more than we managed to. I did get to snap a Treecreeper though! Cute!


  1. All lovely nature captures - nothing wrong with a sky photo; there can be some lovely skyscapes at times. I hope your week is going well.

  2. What happened to the abandoned gull? :( Gorgeous nature shots. Fun fact; all the roads on the estate where I live are named after birds. My road is Greylag Crescent! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  3. Danielle, you're a saint for helping that gull chick out, I really hope it's OK now - like Aimee said, what happened there? Beautiful photos here as always too, that first shot is just stunning! - Tasha


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