Tuesday, 9 May 2017

May 2017 // Days 120 - 126

April 30th. Day 120.
My very first fail of the whole year. I am gutted!! I was so determined not to miss any days at all this year, but oh well! It was a bit of a busy/stressful day with very little sleep and a lot of feeling anxious.

May 1st. Day 121.
After almost 19 hours on a coach, we finally got into our room...!

May 2nd. Day 122.
Back to the homeland <3

May 3rd. Day 123.
Bird watching at Disney is one of the best things!!

May 4th. Day 124.
Home after another long journey and dishing out the gifts!

May 5th. Day 125.
It's like I was never away...

May 6th. Day 126.
This little guy was a little tired. Next time we went out he was gone so I assume he fueled up and buzzed off <3


  1. I've been trying to help the bees I've seen on the ground barely moving too! A little bit of sugar water and they usually perk up and buzz off! Don't beat yourself up over the fail, we all have rubbish days. I think you've done amazingly well so far, and I know you will continue to! xx www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk

  2. Awww, birdwatching at Disney just sounds like the best thing ever, so I love that shot! Your hotel room looked like loads of fun as well, I love the colours, was it a themed room? Beautiful skies when you returned home too and how lovely to see the little bee too, I'm glad he got back up and went - you're a bee saviour Danielle! - Tasha


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