Tuesday, 30 May 2017

May 2017 // Days 141 - 147

May 21st. Day 141.
Back at it again with the poorly-ness!

May 22nd. Day 142.
You have NO idea!!! <3

May 23rd. Day 143.
I went to the doctors this morning as the pharmacist thought I may have a chest infection. Thankfully I haven't and this evening I started feeling a bit better too.
As well as that, after work this afternoon I stopped for 15mins or so to sit with the swans. The water was so clear and I watch them having lunch!

May 24th. Day 144.
There is a small memorial garden I pass every day and there has been a 'family' of young Blackbirds hanging around in there recently. Today I managed to catch this beautiful lady while she was lapping up the morning rays!

May 25th. Day 145.
I can't remember if I mentioned it last week, but I was lucky enough to see an insane chase between a Salmon and a Seal on my way home from work. Typically, I didn't have my camera that day...so now I've been bringing my camera with me most days just in case! I haven't seen anything it again of course but today I did snap this lovely Cormorant taking off!

May 26th. Day 146.
More books. Yes, I do judge a book by it's cover haha. How couldn't you when they are this pretty?! I have had them on my to-buy list for a while to be fair... and they were my new job treat.

May 27th. Day 147.
I FINALLY got to see it. Knowing it's been out 2 days before this annoyed me, but what can you do when your nearest cinema is over 60miles away and you work? You have to wait until Saturdays to travel to a cinema obviously. Review over on my main blog - check it out here.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

May 2017 // Days 134 - 140

May 14th. Day 134.
Don't you reckon this looks like a painting?

 May 15th. Day 135.
The first day at my new job today. I knew it'd be a busy day and didn't think I'd have much time for photo taking so took my camera to my 1st job in the morning. Loved how this Eider posed for me!

May 16th. Day 136.
Have you ever seen a more beautiful face? This boy has been SO insanely good while we settle into our new routine of Mammy having 2 jobs. He got that super cool dino toy as a little reward.

May 17th. Day 137.
You'd never know that this was pretty much in the centre of town. I walked through this way on my journey home from job #2 today.

May 18th. Day 138.
Morning sun shining through the leaves <3 You'd think it was Autumn with those colours!

May 19th. Day 139.
This little treasure arrived today after I ordered it on a whim a few days ago...

May 20th. Day 140.
You have no idea the hassle I have had with this stupid app recently. :/ I usually use Google Books for any ebooks I do read (rare) but this book was only available on Amazon and now I can't even read it! :(

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

May 2017 // Days 127 - 133

May 7th. Day 127.
Photographing a couple of my May 2017 DLP trip purchases.

May 8th. Day 128.
This has been my life since I got back from Disney, but today was extra nasty.

May 9th. Day 129.
I really enjoyed saying hi to two gorgeous wrens on my way home from work this morning! They are such flighty birds that I daren't get any closer for photos but was lucky to even get this!

May 10th. Day 130.
I really wasn't expecting this to happen so soon again. I have been pretty ill and busy too though... :/

May 11th. Day 131.
I almost never paint my nails. Well, technically, I only paint them when I go to Disney. This was my special silver for the 25th anniversary but I loved it so much that I re-did it today after it had chipped.
It's Barry M Molten Metal in Holographic Lights.

May 12th. Day 132.
I got a 2nd job today. This is my 'yay' gift. I've eyed it for a long time in Asda but couldn't justify £12 for anything, let alone a vase. Today I spotted it for £5 all because one of the poor bees had lost a wing. Long story short, I actually love broken things and it made me want it more. I feel sorry for broken things because no one else wants them and I don't want anything to feel unwanted...even though it's an inanimate object.

May 13th. Day 133.
I only just realized when putting this post together that I followed up a photo of a bee vase...with a real bee! haha Baker and I were at my Mam and Dads today and we love playing in the garden. Especially when there are lots of bees and birds around.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

May 2017 // Days 120 - 126

April 30th. Day 120.
My very first fail of the whole year. I am gutted!! I was so determined not to miss any days at all this year, but oh well! It was a bit of a busy/stressful day with very little sleep and a lot of feeling anxious.

May 1st. Day 121.
After almost 19 hours on a coach, we finally got into our room...!

May 2nd. Day 122.
Back to the homeland <3

May 3rd. Day 123.
Bird watching at Disney is one of the best things!!

May 4th. Day 124.
Home after another long journey and dishing out the gifts!

May 5th. Day 125.
It's like I was never away...

May 6th. Day 126.
This little guy was a little tired. Next time we went out he was gone so I assume he fueled up and buzzed off <3

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

April 2017 // Days 113 - 119

Apr 23rd. Day 113.
Didn't go far today so this was the prettiest photo I could muster.

Apr 24th. Day 114.
Despite getting my Euros and having chocolate, I still had a bit of a down day today.

Apr 25th. Day 115.
Isn't Boo lush? She comes into Cafe Nero with her Dad in the mornings and always comes to see if we have any treats for her haha.

Apr 26th. Day 116.
There's been an explosion of birds, young and older, lately and I love it.

Apr 27th. Day 117.
My sleepy boy hasn't been feeling 100% either this week. :(

Apr 28th. Day 118.
Seeing as little man wasn't doing to well and threw up, I decided he needed yet another new toy. Fear from Inside Out seemed fitting to his personality and he likes it <3

Apr 29th. Day 119.
That came around fast....!