Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April 2017 // Days 106 - 112

Apr 16th. Day 106.
Happy Easter :)

Apr 17th. Day 107.
Photographed my Easter decor today, for this blog post, before taking it down in the next couple days.

Apr 18th. Day 108.
Yes. I did moan about Frozen baby wipes, Frozen toothbrushes and Frozen cereal. Yes, I did also fall for the Moana cereal.

Apr 19th. Day 109.
My new thing before bed is sitting for 5 minutes to look for shapes in the clouds. It's rather relaxing.

Apr 20th. Day 110.
This street (up and to the left) has been closed for months. They've finally taken away all the work fences to reveal this gorgeous renovation. I vote the whole town be re-done like this. Much prettier than the bright, bold, tacky high street store signs.

Apr 21st. Day 111.
Made friends with this beaut on our early morning walk. Dunno how anyone can eat these guys. Such a softy.
Today was also the day of the Husky incident on the field at Mams. (This is for my own recollection when looking back on these posts).

Apr 22nd. Day 112.
Jake's Mam came to visit him and brought us pretty flowers! :)

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

April 2017 // Days 99 - 105

Apr 9th. Day 99.
Gotta squeeze those Mallards in!

Apr 10th. Day 100.
Baker death glaring because he didn't really want his photo taken...but he sat nicely anyway.

Apr 11th. Day 101.
My 2017 Easter tree!

Apr 12th. Day 102.
26 year old and I still don't own a vase.

Apr 13th. Day 103.
Super fun trip out to Ford (and first swim of the year for Baker) with Laura!

Apr 14th. Day 104.
Back in the car and a visit to Fort Kinnaird with Laura, Mam and Dad.

Apr 15th. Day 105.
Look at those beautiful blooms on the little tree in my garden <3

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

April 2017 // Days 92 - 98

Apr 2nd. Day 92
Just a Sparrow jumping off the roof.

Apr 3rd. Day 93.
Happy UK DVD release day Moana! (Thank you, Mam)

Apr 4th. Day 94.
Another 2-mile walk to Granny and Granda's today. Blue skies and sunshine accompanied us.

Apr 5th. Day 95.
Let out my girls, played in the sun and admired the flowers in Marion's garden <3

Apr 6th. Day 96.
Yet another beautiful day in the parents garden!

Apr 7th. Day 97.
Guess where we walked again today?! Yep 4/7 days this week. We'e had a bit of a busy, stressful, funny week.

Apr 8th. Day 98.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

March 2017 // Days 85 - 91

Mar 26th. Day 85.
Happy Mothers Day!

Mar 27th. Day 86.
I'll never tire of getting to look at this while walking to work.

Mar 28th. Day 87.
Finished gutting the spare room today.

 Mar 29th. Day 88.
My new treasure box...

Mar 30th. Day 89.
Google hangouts with Kerri and Moxie! <3

Mar 31st. Day 90.
Look! It's Spring!

Apr 1st. Day 91.
First sunset of April.