Tuesday, 28 March 2017

March 2017 // Days 78 - 84

Mar 19th. Day 78.
Not the prettiest photo today, but I spent the majority of my day busy! I also spent a lot of time working on my Beauty and the Beast Movie Review - which you can read here - and listening to this!

Mar 20th. Day 79.
Beautiful blue skies and sunshine today on our little walk!

Mar 21st. Day 80.
Quick photo for my What I Read This Quarter post!

Mar 22nd. Day 81.
Another book...yeah.
Mar 23rd. Day 82.
I was really struggling for a photo tonight obviously. At least I didn't miss a day.

Mar 24th. Day 83.
I love passing this little guy each moring. He's so snug...I think he's copying how I look with my scarf and hood.

Mar 25th. Day 84.
Mallard Saturdays?

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

March 2017 // Days 71 - 77

Mar 12th. Day 71.
I'm almost certain that this little lady is the same bird that I reared and re-released last year.

Mar 13th. Day 72.
Switched from my charcoal toothpaste to my healthy gums one in the hope it will save my teeth. I have a bit of paranoia regarding them falling out...

Mar 14th. Day 73.

Mar 15th. Day 74.
Caught a sunset for the first time in forever. <3

Mar 16th. Day 75.
My little train spotter!

Mar 17th. Day 76.
Pretty gloomy out today.

Mar 18th. Day 77.
This little squirrel in Princes Street Gardens made me smile after a stressful time in the busy rugby fan filled city.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

March 2017 // Days 64 - 70

Mar 5th. Day 64.
You know Spring is for sure here when these guys open up! :)

Mar 6th. Day 65.
Mam, Baker and I went to meet Jake and Dad from work today. The trading estate is always rife with birds...mainly seagulls. I'm sure it was never like this when I worked there.

Mar 7th. Day 66.
I know, I know another book photo. I can't believe this is the beginning of the end though :/

Mar 8th. Day 67.
Nothing like a gorgeous Carrion crow contrasting a bright sky and tree photo <3

Mar 9th. Day 68.
Getting ready for the 18th...

Mar 10th. Day 69.
So it's not Mallard Thursday this week, but I still got my pals in there!

Mar 11th. Day 70.
Wish I'd had something to post for Dad's birthday today (Happy Birthday Dad!), but instead it's a photo for a blog post. Obviously.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

February/March 2017 // Days 57 - 63

Feb 26th. Day 57.
My new shelves are up and filled :) Baker isn't as impressed as I am haha.

Feb 27th. Day 58.
The only photo I took today was the image for this blog post...

Feb 28th. Day 59.
Yay! Mini holiday at Granny and Granda's house so we can actually play outside while Mammy is off work for the week.

Mar 1st. Day 60.
More playtimes and the 3rd photo of BMan in a week!

Mar 2nd. Day 61.
Today was Bakers first time at the beach for a lonnngg time. I did have a pretty cute photo of him for this but I didn't want it to contain 4 Baker's in one post! Instead here's the blue skies and blue seas of my gorgeous town.

 Mar 3rd. Day 62.
Another photo for the other blog!

Mar 4th. Day 63.
Woah, first day back to my own house (boo) and the weather has taken a vast turn!