Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February 2017 // Days 50 - 56

Feb 19th. Day 50.
What is that? Light? Goodness me. Fancy a morning with sunlight, how strange.

Feb 20th. Day 51.
Spring is coming.

Feb 21st. Day 52.
Clashing my fantastical lands.

Feb 22nd. Day 53.
When the weather actually allows you to be able to put washing on the line.

Feb 23rd. Day 54.
When the weather is never the same two days in a row...

Feb 24th. Day 55.
Noticing things that you've walked past a million times, for the first time.
I wonder if someone who made shoes lived here in ye olde days.

Feb 25th. Day 56.
I was pretty busy today. I deep cleaned half of the kitchen and built a new (flatpack) shelving unit/bookcase. I found this toy while cleaning and Baker assumed it was new so was obsessed. It was originally hidden on top of the fridge when it ripped, hence it's disheveled appearance, but Baker gets upset when you tell him something is broken.
You know what is funny? The fact that out of all of his toys, the only ones that ever rip or break are the ones made specifically for dogs...whereas none of his 'children's' toys have ever ripped or anything.


  1. That first photo? Stunning! And how funny that it's the dog toys that always rip, not the children's ones! You'd think it would be the other way around, wouldn't you?! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  2. Oh that first photo is gorgeous, love the lighting there in the sky! The snowdrops photo is lovely too, I can't wait for the rest of the plants to bloom now, I love springtime. I really like the shot of Shoe Lane too, I love it when you're able to notice little things when you're out and about, I often do that and think to myself, "I've walked past this place hundreds of time and didn't notice this until now?!" Lovely photos as always here Danielle, and yay for being able to hang washing on the line - that's my preferred method of drying clothes, so much easier and greener, and I love the smell of the clothes after they've come in off the line too! - Tasha


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