Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February 2017 // Days 50 - 56

Feb 19th. Day 50.
What is that? Light? Goodness me. Fancy a morning with sunlight, how strange.

Feb 20th. Day 51.
Spring is coming.

Feb 21st. Day 52.
Clashing my fantastical lands.

Feb 22nd. Day 53.
When the weather actually allows you to be able to put washing on the line.

Feb 23rd. Day 54.
When the weather is never the same two days in a row...

Feb 24th. Day 55.
Noticing things that you've walked past a million times, for the first time.
I wonder if someone who made shoes lived here in ye olde days.

Feb 25th. Day 56.
I was pretty busy today. I deep cleaned half of the kitchen and built a new (flatpack) shelving unit/bookcase. I found this toy while cleaning and Baker assumed it was new so was obsessed. It was originally hidden on top of the fridge when it ripped, hence it's disheveled appearance, but Baker gets upset when you tell him something is broken.
You know what is funny? The fact that out of all of his toys, the only ones that ever rip or break are the ones made specifically for dogs...whereas none of his 'children's' toys have ever ripped or anything.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

February 2017 // Days 43 - 49

Feb 12th. Day 43.
I know there's been quite a few book photos this year so far but it seems to be my go-to when time is ticking and I haven't taken a photo yet. Tonight I'm getting sucked back into Narina ;)

Feb 13th. Day 44.
Attempting some photo editing today... :/ For some reason I just can't get into editing our Disney trip photos. The fact that I hate how I look has something to do with it obviously but I dunno, I'm just not feeling it. In fact, this post and this post on my main blog are pretty much the only photos I have worked through. I need to get it sorted.

Feb 14th. Day 45.
My funny Valentine <3

 Feb 15th. Day 46.
:O Baker photos two days in a row?! How did that happen..? This was the only photo I actually took today, so, oops.

Feb 16th. Day 47.
Happy 29th to old man Jake! To celebrate we actually left the house for an hour or so. That resulted in this, one of few, birding photos of the project so far.

Feb 17th. Day 48.
Yet another, 'Oh poo, it's bedtime and I haven't taken a photo today yet', photo :) Hearts, colours and woodland creatures though - can't go wrong.

Feb 18th. Day 49.
Trying to squeeze those birding photos in when I can! I took my camera with me when I popped to town this morning and was thankful to spy some of my fave, yet usually pretty flighty, little guys...some Turnstones being supervised by a lone Redshank. Gotta hope my lotto numbers come up so I can get a better lens for birding but this will do for now.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

February 2017 // Days 36 - 42

Feb 5th. Day 36.
It's blurry because it was raining and I didn't want to get the camera wet, but wanted a photo of the seagull dancing for his dinner.

Feb 6th. Day 37.
What a lovely day we had, getting out of the house and having a good run around with the frisbee! Just what we needed. Plus it was actually a little sunny, even if it was still cold. Look at my happy boy <3

Feb 7th. Day 38.
I have been switching up my diet a little (well as much as possible for me) and been doing really well. However, after what I'd eaten today, I was able to have a little treat in the evening!

Feb 8th. Day 39.
My view for most of the day :/ I took my camera out to work with me, in the hopes of snapping something a little more interesting on the way home but surprise, surprise, it started chucking it down. A day inside, playing on the living room floor with Baker, followed by a bit of working out too.

Feb 9th. Day 40.
Mallard Thursdaaayyys! Seriously, it was a coincidence again I swear haha. I'd been to play with my Tilly and Brook girls, so decided to stop by and say hi to all my pals on the way home. I dunno if you can see but the male here had a rather blue looking beak. It worried me a little and after searching online, there isn't much information at all about why this could be. The info I have seen is in forums and I can't tell whether they can be trusted or not haha...so if you know anything, let me know!

Feb 10th. Day 41.
Snow day... o_0 Well for about 10 mins haha.

Feb 11th. Day 42.
A couple new books in my collection. Jake picked these up for me, after me having waited for 'As Old As Time' to come out in this paperback version for a while, and although it is on Amazon for £3.85 (with shipping over £5) now it was £7.99 on it's release day and I wasn't going to pay that. These ended up being £3.50 each which I am more than happy with because I don't own a money tree like some people seem to have.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

January - February 2017 // Days 29 - 35

Jan 29th. Day 29.
Today was the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch! I also did a day in my life which will be up on my main blog on the 22nd of this month :)

Jan 30th. Day 30.
Where on Earth has the river and bridge gone?! :O Brrrr.

Jan 31st. Day 31.
I took photos for an OOTD post (up on the main blog Friday ;P) today, but nothing else...so this will have to do. Better than an empty space eh? Plus it means I have now completed a full month of 2017 with no missed days so far - yay!

Feb 1st. Day 32.
When you do remember to fetch your camera but don't have any time or opportunities to get snapping apart from a blurry one while you run up the steps to meet your Mam. I call it 'abstract'.

Feb 2nd. Day 33.
This Goosander was literally the only wildlife within site today. As soon as I took this photo it disappeared completely too. It was weird.

Feb 3rd. Day 34.
New life vs Death...

Feb 4th. Day 35.
The most boring image to end the week, but pretty much all I did today! However, I wish I'd taken the time to add some more colour into this week of photos - it's very theme-y!