Tuesday, 17 January 2017

January 2017 // Days 8 - 14

Jan 8th. Day 8.
Last year I adopted a Polar Bear as a gift for a friend at Christmas. This year I wanted to continue my monthly donation to Born Free and so adopted a Hyena family for myself! It got delivered to my parents as I panic that if I'm ever out (rare) that I wouldn't receive my mail if neighbours were to take it in, so I only got it today. So happy with my little pack and look forward to the quarterly magazines!

Jan 9th. Day 9.
I had to brave town today to go to Citizens Advice after a heck load of rubbish from a certain government department, so took the camera along on the off chance of a photo opportunity. After having already settled for the first photo, we were extremely lucky to be treated to a peek of a stunning, red status, Grey Wagtail! Sadly, this was the only shot I got before it darted off but I'm happy just to have seen it none the less.

Jan 10th. Day 10.
Filling in this that I picked up yesterday. I thought I'd give up a couple of my hours a week to do something a little more worth while than blogging. I do work, but only 8 & 3/4 hours a week over 7 days and have had no luck getting a 2nd job, so why not help out elsewhere eh?

Jan 11th. Day 11.
So Dad took ill yesterday, got sent to our towns little A&E from work, who told him to get a GP appointment. They wouldn't see him despite it being an emergency. Today Baker and I walked up to look after him. Mam arranged a GP appointment and he was sent straight to Cramlington hospital. If you are in the NE you might have heard about it recently. A new £95 million hospital with people laying in corridors in beds and an average 7 hour wait to be seen. He was there from 2.30pm until almost midnight when he was transferred to the Freeman in Newcastle. It was not a nice day.
I hadn't taken any photos while sitting with Dad so as Baker and I walked home I took this quick snap of one of the many big ships that pass by the bay. It was super freakin' windy too but I can't photograph air.

Jan 12th. Day 12.
I think I didn't do much today? I think I cleaned up and I know I switched my 'pride of place' soft toys from Christmas friends to old school Minnie and Oswald. Steamboat Willie Mickey is a permanent feature.

Jan 13th. Day 13.
After Jake telling me a million times this week that we were gonna get snow, and I argued that it was forecast for the 'North East' and the NE is huge! Berwick hasn't had proper snow in years and with being on the sea front the salt air usually keeps it away. But this morning, as I headed out to work pre-6am, I was greeted with ... snow. 0_o
I'm not a big fan of it. It was okay at that time in the morning when I was the first to have walked on it but after everyone trails over it the white crunch turns to a grey sludge and is just inconvenient.
Baker didn't want to go out for a wee when I got home either but after we got up to Mam and Dads house to look after Dad (he got home from hospital last night), he did have a play in the back garden.<3

Jan 14th. Day 14.Baker had a sleepover and his Granny and Granda's house last night, as Jake and I had a little day to Newcastle planned. I took my camera with me especially for a daily photo, carried the dang thing around killing my shoulders all day, then didn't get it out until we were at the station heading home haha.


  1. I'm actually writing up a post about animal adoption packs. I've been adopting a polar bear but the other day I adopted Born Free'shipping Ethiopian wolf pack. I also adopted a duck for my partners Valentines day present last year haha.

  2. Awww, the hyena adoption looks gorgeous! I really enjoyed the quarterly magazines when I adopted the gorillas last year, and it's a lovely present to get. I really hope your Dad is doing OK and feeling better now too, and how gorgeous is that shot of the wagtail?! Beautiful! - Tasha

  3. Wow quite a packed week! :)
    I love the idea of the adoption pack. The yellow on the wagtail is stunning. Very well done on getting the shot!
    Great idea doing some volunteering! :)
    Sounds like your dad was passed from pillar to post and back again! I'm glad he finally got seen, but that's a ridiculous amount of too-ing and fro-ing!
    The picture of Baker is adorable 😍

  4. The hyena was a good choice! I really like the teddy that comes with the pack, that is definitely the best part of the box!

    Oh look at that Grey Wagtail! He's gorgeous! I have never seen one of those before.

    Ah, doesn't B Man like the snow? I hope Moxie likes it, since I love getting out in the snow. We have some nice countryside areas nearby to actually enjoy it though, so that makes a big difference than having to go into town. It always looks so gorgeous from the train!

    Ah, the curse of just carrying the camera around and not taking a single photo... yup that was today all over. I walked to the library thinking I'd take a few photos on the way, but I just didn't feel like it.

  5. I hope your dad is better now. It seems to be happening all over the country at the moment, that hospitals are just too full and can't cope with the demand on them. I don't know what's changed recently; lack of funding, I guess. I've been watching Hospital on BBC Two, it's quite interesting watching the big hospitals in London deal with this! And good on you for doing some volunteer work, I did when I was unemployed and loved it. It's great to give back :) x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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