Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January 2017 // Days 22 - 28

Jan 22nd. Day 22.
We had a quiet day at my Mam and Dads today and despite bringing my camera and walking up, I never took any photos, so this has to do. Baker was quite interested in watching Spy in the Wild. Have you seen it? It's so interesting!

Jan 23rd. Day 23.
Another one of those rare beautiful sunrises! I never like winter and it's dark mornings, days and nights but the fact that there's hardly any sunrises or sunsets is the worst part.

Jan 24th. Day 24.
More photographing of things to sell (please check out my eBay and what I have for sale, more stuff being added every day or two!) and while focusing the camera, this colourful reflection caught me.

Jan 25th. Day 25.
I was determined for this year's project to include a lot more outdoor shots, but it's proving harder than expected. I try to take my camera when I can but because of the darkness still being around when I get out of work in the mornings, there isn't much to photograph. Here's a tree.

Jan 26th. Day 26.
Thursday's are becoming Mallard day it seems. Maybe I'll make it a thing haha. I felt so bad because these guys walked right up to me as I crouched down but I had no food for them. I have to make sure I take them some goodies soon. (PS STOP FEEDING BIRDS/DUCKS/GEESE/SWANS, BREAD!!!!! Please.)

Jan 27th. Day 27.
I probably already took a similar photo in last year's project, but I needed a couple close ups of the pins I bought at Disneyland last year for my 'haul' post coming in the next couple weeks on my main blog.

Jan 28th. Day 28.
Today should have been a Big Garden Birdwatch photo but after a nice sunny day yesterday, of course, today was miserable! Like, soaking. So there weren't many birds around and I spent a good portion or two of my day blasting through this book. I am so chuffed with my reading this year so far, I feel like if I was in school I'd have been given a gold star sticker (if I didn't hate stickers haha).


  1. Oh I love Spy in the Wild, it's so good and the shot of Baker watching it is just lovely. I love the shot of the ducks too and those beautiful bare branches against the winter sky, lovely shots here as always Danielle. And I've just turned my calendar over for February - loving the little robin for this month! - Tasha

  2. I love how much Baker loves the TV! I hope Moxie enjoys the telly too. Not that we watch too much of it, but it'll keep her company if we aren't in the house.

    That second photo looks so so cold, but that gorgeous glow makes up for it! That's what it has been like here most of January.

    Haha "here's a tree" - that sounds like my idea of a daily photo!

    Did you enjoy the Magicians Nephew? I liked that one! It's a really fun start to the series.

  3. Love that you're doing so well with reading this year - I always feel you can't beat a good book! Love the Chronicles of Narnia series, too - good choice! I don't often feed birds/ducks/etc unless it's bird seed and meal worm in my back garden, but if I wanted to feed ducks, what would I feed them if not bread? I had heard bread was very bad for them, but don't know of the alternative! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  4. Your Disney pins are amazing! Love the photo of the lens too.

    http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy

  5. My cat Alfie loved watching Spy in the Wild with us!! His favourite were the wolves and the chimps. Couldn't take his eyes off the TV! I enjoyed watching it too. Did you watch the episode tonight where they showed how the 'spies' were made, and how it was all set up? Fascinating!
    I also thought Baker was looking out of a window for a split second 😁
    Love all the photos!! The reflection in the camera lenses is so pretty! Day 23's sunrise picture is lovely! X


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