Tuesday, 24 January 2017

January 2017 // Days 15 - 21

Jan 15th. Day 15.
I was quite lucky with what I bought at Newcastle yesterday and got some awesome bargains, this is my mini Disney Store haul. I got all this for like £13, by the way :P Wehay.

Jan 16th. Day 16.
Today was definitely a classic Disney cartoons type of day. Baker really enjoyed them all but especially 'Mickey's Orphans'. This is where my heart is stolen by Disney. The originals, the classics, the ones who made it what it is today. How amazing to watch these and then the likes of Moana and appreciate the crazy technological advances. Wow. <3

Jan 17th. Day 17.
Goodness knows how many times I've taken pretty much this same photos. I always find it a little sad (and slightly humorous at the same time) to see a bird perched on the head and the woman looking so upset <3

Jan 18th. Day 18.
I already finished my first book of the year 2 days ago - I know, some of you read multiple books a month but - for me, it's crazy to already be on to my next read! I started this last year and put it down when I started another but I'm back and into it. It's pretty short too so maybe I'll even get this finished in January too!

Jan 19th. Day 19.
Hello Mr and Mrs Duck! I think I'm correct in saying that this is the first Mallard snap of the year... If you are new here, get used to those river bird photos - last year there were around 34! Yay for living a stone's throw away from all these beauts and getting to pass them every day :)

Jan 20th. Day 20.
With all the photo taking, of stuff I have to sell, today, I forgot to take a 'proper' photo for this project :O. Not wanting to miss a day this early in the year, here's an outtake. I'm happy to say that that camera sold within seconds of listing it on eBay! Yay.

Jan 21st. Day 21.
I wish all lampposts looked like old-fashioned lampposts, not these.


  1. Love all of the Disney goodness in these shots, especially your haul from the Disney shop! Love the shot of the seagull sitting on the statue too, it goes so well with the statues pose! - Tasha

  2. Is this the camera that sold before you'd even listed it? Haha! Love the Disney haul! And wouldn't you be sad if a bird was sitting on your head?! Especially a seagull, they aren't exactly well known for their friendliness ;) x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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