Sunday, 31 December 2017

December 2017 // Days 358 - 365

December 24th. Day 358. 
Too busy I guess...
December 25th. Day 359. 
Baker's gifts ready for him to open! He's been itching to open them since presents started appearing under the tree.

 December 26th. Day 360. 
My Christmas 'haul'.

December 27th. Day 361. 
Back to work and back to forgetting to take a photo :( 

 December 28th. Day 362. 
It's sad, but I think that at this point I had missed so many days I subconciously had given up. Gutted.

December 29th. Day 363. 
Packing away Christmas for another year. I hate putting them up but once they're are up, it's sad to take them down!

December 30th. Day 364. 
As above.

December 31th. Day 365. 
Seeing the end of the year with the end of my last book of the year.

Well, here's hoping that I do a better job of keeping to the project in 2018. What a shame and rather disappointing, but nevermind! There are still some fab memories to look back on. 

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

December 2017 // Days 351 - 357

December 17th. Day 351.
My newest Christmas decoration, from the RSPB store :)

December 18th. Day 352.
Always makes my day to hear the Starlings singing away in the mornings.

December 19th. Day 353.
Taking photos for a post on the main blog!

December 20th. Day 354.
Getting around to wrapping a few presents tonight.

December 21st. Day 355.
I loved this shot of the Black headed Gulls in their winter plumage, but had to include the snap of Baker and the bears too. These bears were up for 'auction' by a sort of local wildlife rescue and they had no bids, plus they were stuck in a plastic bag! I had to buy them and free them!!

December 22nd. Day 356.
Another blog post photo as I've been so busy I've barely had time to photograph anything else...

December 23rd. Day 357.
2017 Christmas Portrait <3

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

December 2017 // Days 344 - 350

 December 10th. Day 344.
The morning started being visited by Jack Frost and ended up with the seasons first snow. We even had a visit from a Reindeer in  our garden!

December 11th. Day 345.
The snow is disappearing thankfully, but I had to catch a snap of the cute birdy footprints first!

December 12th. Day 346.
I took a photo of those pretty red flowers earlier in the year when they were in full bloom, but sadly they're not doing to well anymore :( Something that I really dislike about winter is everything dying.
On the way home from job #3 I had to grab a quick shot of the snow and ice in the river because I just think it's super weird. There were even mini iceberg type of deals floating down the river when the tide was in.

December 13th. Day 347.

December 14th. Day 348.
It doesn't feel like a good week of daily photos if there isn't at least one bird. This Collared Dove was a total poser!
Had to include my festive gingerbread man photo from later in the day too.

December 15th. Day 349.
Mam's birthday and I forgot/didn't have a chance to get a photo! :(

December 16th. Day 350.My gorgeous little Benji Bear that I picked up today! He's proud to be supporting Save the Children and thinks you should all go to WH Smith and buy all his brothers too.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

December 2017 // Days 337 - 343

December 3rd. Day 337.
Starting the decorating process...
December 4th. Day 338.
Look at all those snuggling pigeons! <3

December 5th. Day 339.
I don't even care anymore ha!
December 6th. Day 340.
2017's Disneyland Paris Decoration.
December 7th. Day 341.
A teeny tiny candle.

December 8th. Day 342.
The one time I'm thankful to have a Tesco in our town and that Jake works across the road from it!

December 9th. Day 343.
Starting the 39th book of the year.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

November 2017 // Days 330 - 336

November 26th. Day 330.
 [See this post for explaination]

November 27th. Day 331.
Cracked out a jigsaw, why not?

November 28th. Day 332.
I always love walking along this way to 3rd job and thinking of the Mad Hatter :)

November 29th. Day 333.It's difficult to explain, but I have a 'thing' for broken things...and I fix them. Staff always think I'm weird wanting the broken items (I often still pay full price) but if they don't sell, they'll go to landfill. I mend them and make them better than the 'normal' items. Look how fab these Xmas decs look - good as new, you'd never know any different.

November 30th. Day 334.
I want to walk home from work in light for a change. It's literally like 4am at 7.30am...

 December 1st. Day 335.
Getting the decs sorted to bring down stairs.

December 2nd. Day 336.
Another pretty sky out my bedroom window.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

November 2017 // Days 323 - 329

November 19th. Day 323.
It's creeping up and in my experience the days drop off that board way too fast.

November 20th. Day 324.
Finally getting to sit down and watch Cars 3 with Baker! We loved it! The Cars stories are underrated, I think people assume they are just 'boy movies' when they actually have good substance.

November 21st. Day 325.
The best vegan, low calorie, yummiest home making hot chocolate!
November 22nd. Day 326.

November 23rd. Day 327.
Beautiful Blackbird in beautiful Berwick.

November 24th. Day 328.
Another one bites the dust!

November 25th. Day 329.
See previous, add only 1 other SD card that is completely full and no time to clear it, equals today's image.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

November 2017 // Days 316 - 322

November 12th. Day 316.Mam, Dad and I had booked to go see a movie in our town (rare occurance as our 'cinema' doesn't often get newer movies) but Dad ended up beign poorly so Mam and I went alone. It was a great film but I missed Dad being there too.

November 13th. Day 317.
A Heron and a Cormorant. The sequel to the Pigeon and the Rabbit.

November 14th. Day 318.I lost my camera battery charger and the battery died...

November 15th. Day 319.
I still couldn't find my charger so it was a poor photo from my phone while rewatching season 9 Drag Race and Untucked. Wish AS3 would hurry up!

November 16th. Day 320.
The quiet view on my way home from work crazily made me make a rash descion and take Baker out all on my own, for a walk, for what was probably the first time this year. HUGE deal for us.

November 17th. Day 321.
I literally hate the 'I'm dark all the time now' days of winter :( This was just after 4pm walking home from 3rd job. The duckies were settling down to sleep.

November 18th. Day 322.
Baker doing a spot of birdwatching with his Granny before the ever popular bath time!