Saturday, 3 December 2016

November 2016 // Days 330 - 336

Nov 25th. Day 330.
Isn't it supposed to be Santa that comes down your chimney? Well today Baker and I got a little fright as we heard our log burner chimney rattle. I ran upstairs to see if there was something on the roof but there was nothing... I dunno what made me check but when we came downstairs I decided to open the burner door and was greeted by a gorgeous little Sparrow face covered in soot!
I made sure Baker was safe in his cage so as not to cause any extra stress to the little bird and grabbed my little fabric carrier to try and grab him for release. He wasn't keen so I let him just fly out. Of course, I thought to close the door before he flew back up but was shocked to be greeting by another beautiful little Sparrow face :O
Bless their hearts, they were just babies - first winter I expect - and were obviously startled. I'm glad it was my chimney they came down though and not someone who would be scared as I was able to help them back out to safety quickly and easily without flapping around like I've seen some videos of people do.

Nov 26th. Day 331.
Can't resist saying Hi to my ducky pals <3 It's thanks to climate change that there are so many out of season babies around though unfortunately...

Nov 27th. Day 332.
I could have sworn I had a photo for today, but I have searched my whole laptop and external hard drive to no avail.

Nov 28th. Day 333.
Ditto the above point! I took the photo in the morning before we left for our train to London at 8pm.

Nov 29th. Day 334.
Look where we are :) If there was a village that looked like this and had just one lone cottage, I'd be very happy to live my life there haha.

Nov 30th. Day 335.One of the absolute best parts of Disneyland is the live music. The musicians are extremely talented and you should stop and show them your appreciation when passing. Top tip on not being a pr**k - don't walk right in front of a crowd who are listening to the band without even acknowledging the fantastic music :)

Dec 1st. Day 336.
What a view eh? The bandstand, the tree, the garlands across Main Street, the castle and even a bird on a beautiful blue sky!!


  1. Aww, what a surprise for you having those two beautiful Sparrows coming down your chimney! Lovely that you were able to help them out safely :) x x

  2. Awww, the sparrow photo is still so lovely to see and I'm glad you were able to help them safely back out into the world. Their faces are so sweet! Love the shot of the duck too, so cute. I've definitely noticed a big change in the bird populations around here too thanks to the changing climate - there are hardly any of the smaller birds like blue tits anymore which is always a little worrying. I definitely saw more when we lived closer to the farmland. Lovely shots from DLP too! - Tasha

  3. Ah, I love that last photo! I haven't got to that bit in my photos yet. I only chose quickly for my daily photo.

    Some days I'm sure I take a photo and then can't find it... so I end up playing catch up the next day (or the rest of the week)... I could just leave blanks but I don't know why. I like having the seven photos even if they aren't for the same days.


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