Saturday, 31 December 2016

December 2016 // Days 358 - 366

Dec 23rd. Day 358.
Not the prettiest photo to start the last week of the year, but the only one I took! Taking photos for a blog post - this blog post in fact.

 Dec 24th. Day 359.
Wrapping the boyo's Christmas gifts while he slept but he woke up and he reaaallly wanted to open them!
 Dec 25th. Day 360.
It got to bedtime and I had taken 0 photos so this is what you get for a Christmas photo.

Dec 26th. Day 361.
Taking photos of my Christmas decor for yet another blog post, before I take it down in a couple days.
Dec 27th. Day 362.
This week seems to have had a theme of taking photos for blog posts! Say hi to Oswald! You'll see him in my Disneyland Paris haul on my other blog next month.

Dec 28th. Day 363.
So exciting to actually see a sunrise today! Winter isn't the biggest show off of pretty skies but we got treated to this beaut this morning. Mam met me from work and we went to Cafe Nero for a drink (and to kill time) before my asthma annual review at the doctors. We are very lucky.

Dec 29th. Day 364.
We are very very lucky indeed!! Look who showed face today :O For the first time in a long time, Mr Otter popped his nose up to say hello. It was even more special because Jake was with me. They are his favorite animal and he has never seen the wild ones in our town before. The photos aren't great but the sun was blinding, coming from behind the otter and I had a split second to capture him. I am over the moon to have been able to say hello again.

Dec 30th. Day 365.A day of extra deep cleaning means no time for photos before it started to get dark. Do you like my nets?

Dec 31st. Day 366.
Old years night. I had no idea what photo to end the year on because this year my studio lights broke and I couldn't replace them. It's been somewhat of a tradition to end the year taking our annual family portraits in the home studio so that's a bit of a shame. However, can't go wrong with a mouse ;)

Happy New Year <3


  1. Happy New Year!

    I cannot wait to start buying presents for Moxie!

    Eeek! For Mr Otter! What a cutie!

  2. Happy new year! Mr Otter is such a cutie - it's lovely that Jake got to see him, too! x x

  3. Happy New Year Danielle! I love the shots of the otter and that sky is just gorgeous! I like he bokeh effect on the fourth photo too, so pretty!. Here's to a wonderful 2017 for you all. - Tasha

  4. Happy New Year! The Oswald teddy is so cool. Also love the bokeh. - Amy


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