Saturday, 24 December 2016

December 2016 // Days 351 - 357

Fri 16th. Day 351.
Oh winter and your very few hours of light! I have to stoop to non-photos like this slow shutter mess about.

Sat 17th. Day 352.
How fantastic is this?! I spotted a load of yarn bombing on my way to work this morning and just assumed it was some pretty yarn decor for Christmas. However, later on when Mam and I were over in town again we decided to read a tag - which you can see above - and so we took a star each! I love, love, love this idea and hope it reminded many people why Christmas exists. Thank you to the kind people who put so much time and effort into knitting these super cute little gifts and to our local Churches.

Sun 18th. Day 353.
After looking up all about our little star yesterday, I was curious to see how many would be left (especially with the majority of them being where our two nightclubs are). They were all gone, but I hope that those who have taken them will give them a good home and haven't just thrown them off the they do with a lot of stuff.
Unexpectedly, as I was out of town and almost home I spotted this one Angel who had appeared over night (she wasn't there yesterday evening) and had to take her home too. Now Jake and I have a special decoration from this year to treasure. I really do love this whole movement. I hope you'll check it out and spread the word of the true meaning of Christmas.

Mon 19th. Day 354.
I love Collared Doves, I think they look such dainty, pretty birds. It's a shame a lot of people mistake them for 'just pigeons' as in Rock Doves (the common town and city slicker pigeon). Although I love 'normal' pigeons too. This one was extra interested in my camera as you can see by the first image haha.

Tues 20th. Day 355.
Got to see my favorite girls today <3 I'm getting better at getting them to sit still for literally 3 seconds while I snap a photo haha. It's a lot more difficult than you'd think!

Wed 21st. Day 356.
If I could only have this meal for the rest of my life, I'd be perfectly happy. Yum!

Thurs 22nd. Day 357.
Left it a little late, but getting a quick couple snaps for my annual Xmas Decorations post on my main blog. It's nothing special this year but in the name of tradition, I couldn't miss that post!


  1. Oh the yarn bombing you came across is lovely, and how nice that they were free as well! I hope people took them home and looked after them too, I love it when local places do things like this, it's just sweet, and you're right, it reminds us of what Christmas is about. I love collared doves too, they're such lovely birds, and their cooing sounds always make me smile. Love your little Dumbo toy as well, very sweet and festive! Merry Christmas Danielle! - Tasha

  2. Oh, I love the idea of the yarn bombing! It's lovely that some people took the time to make all those decorations, and a wonderful reminder of what Christmas is really all about. I'd have definitely picked one up to pop on my tree/around the house at Christmas time! x x

  3. That's such a sweet idea, I hope all the pieces were taken and given a good home. - Amy


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