Saturday, 10 December 2016

December 2016 // Days 337 - 343

Fri 2nd. Day 337.
Buffalo Bills Wild West Show!! I love this so much. I first saw it in 2010 and it's just right up my street, so was fun to go again, this time with Mam. For those about to call me out on the use of animals in the show and my animal rights beliefs, I implore you to look into the background of this all. I did before going and again this time and I have to say, even in the 6 short years since I first went the standards have become even higher, with the show changing slightly and the cows and buffalo being 'on stage' for a lot less time now.
All that aside it really is such an enjoyable, interactive, western show which I hope to see many more times in years to come. I may do a photo solely of photos from this on the main blog if anyone is interested.

Sat 3rd. Day 338.
Our last day! Ever so wonderfully, Ratatouille re-opened after a week of refurb today so we got to enjoy our favorite ride before our trip ended. Even better we were able to go in the single rider queue and wait 30mins instead of the 180 main queue wait - ouch!
You may be able to tell from the fences that this was right outside Ratatouille (well the shop) as we packed our new purchases away in our bags. I will never not get excited to see any bird but particularly a Robin. <3

Sun 4th. Day 339.
I have a proper excuse! We were traveling from London back home again today and my camera was packed away. I tried to get my bag down but the snobby upper class, first class travelers had used our luggage rack above our table so I couldn't get my bag without touching theirs and I couldn't be bothered with all that.

Mon 5th. Day 340.
Always the best thing about being home. My best friend, missed him more than anything else.

Tues 6th. Day 341.Baker and I walked Jake's brother to the train station after he had stayed with them while I was away in Disneyland. Then Mam met Baker and I to walk home due to the dark haha.

Wed 7th. Day 342.
Another out of season baby... :/ Still cute but like, climate change yo.

Thurs 8th. Day 343.I got round to taking photos of the newest DVD collection members, both of which came out while I was away in Disneyland. Over the moon with my Pete's Dragon DVD and Book, both for only £10 altogether - amazing, especially with such stunning artwork.


  1. Oh, I'd love to see some more photos from Buffalo Bills!

    Ah, you spotted a Robin on the last day! So cute! I only saw the one, when we were walking back from the hotel on the first day to meet you guys. He was too quick for a photo though. I'm hoping to see some when I'm home for Christmas. I don't see all that many here.

  2. Oh that robin is just adorable, they're so cute and I love that he was perched outside of the Ratatouille shop, he looks right at home there on the fence. And so cute to see Baker's little face too, I bet he was so happy to have you back. I love that shot of all of the Christmas lights there too. - Tasha

  3. Wow, the Buffalo Bill show looks really interesting - I'd love to see more photos of that! Baker looks so pleased to you, I'm sure he missed you, too! Ahh, I loved Pete's Dragon when I saw it at the cinema - might have to pick up the DVD after Christmas! x x


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