Saturday, 31 December 2016

December 2016 // Days 358 - 366

Dec 23rd. Day 358.
Not the prettiest photo to start the last week of the year, but the only one I took! Taking photos for a blog post - this blog post in fact.

 Dec 24th. Day 359.
Wrapping the boyo's Christmas gifts while he slept but he woke up and he reaaallly wanted to open them!
 Dec 25th. Day 360.
It got to bedtime and I had taken 0 photos so this is what you get for a Christmas photo.

Dec 26th. Day 361.
Taking photos of my Christmas decor for yet another blog post, before I take it down in a couple days.
Dec 27th. Day 362.
This week seems to have had a theme of taking photos for blog posts! Say hi to Oswald! You'll see him in my Disneyland Paris haul on my other blog next month.

Dec 28th. Day 363.
So exciting to actually see a sunrise today! Winter isn't the biggest show off of pretty skies but we got treated to this beaut this morning. Mam met me from work and we went to Cafe Nero for a drink (and to kill time) before my asthma annual review at the doctors. We are very lucky.

Dec 29th. Day 364.
We are very very lucky indeed!! Look who showed face today :O For the first time in a long time, Mr Otter popped his nose up to say hello. It was even more special because Jake was with me. They are his favorite animal and he has never seen the wild ones in our town before. The photos aren't great but the sun was blinding, coming from behind the otter and I had a split second to capture him. I am over the moon to have been able to say hello again.

Dec 30th. Day 365.A day of extra deep cleaning means no time for photos before it started to get dark. Do you like my nets?

Dec 31st. Day 366.
Old years night. I had no idea what photo to end the year on because this year my studio lights broke and I couldn't replace them. It's been somewhat of a tradition to end the year taking our annual family portraits in the home studio so that's a bit of a shame. However, can't go wrong with a mouse ;)

Happy New Year <3

Saturday, 24 December 2016

December 2016 // Days 351 - 357

Fri 16th. Day 351.
Oh winter and your very few hours of light! I have to stoop to non-photos like this slow shutter mess about.

Sat 17th. Day 352.
How fantastic is this?! I spotted a load of yarn bombing on my way to work this morning and just assumed it was some pretty yarn decor for Christmas. However, later on when Mam and I were over in town again we decided to read a tag - which you can see above - and so we took a star each! I love, love, love this idea and hope it reminded many people why Christmas exists. Thank you to the kind people who put so much time and effort into knitting these super cute little gifts and to our local Churches.

Sun 18th. Day 353.
After looking up all about our little star yesterday, I was curious to see how many would be left (especially with the majority of them being where our two nightclubs are). They were all gone, but I hope that those who have taken them will give them a good home and haven't just thrown them off the they do with a lot of stuff.
Unexpectedly, as I was out of town and almost home I spotted this one Angel who had appeared over night (she wasn't there yesterday evening) and had to take her home too. Now Jake and I have a special decoration from this year to treasure. I really do love this whole movement. I hope you'll check it out and spread the word of the true meaning of Christmas.

Mon 19th. Day 354.
I love Collared Doves, I think they look such dainty, pretty birds. It's a shame a lot of people mistake them for 'just pigeons' as in Rock Doves (the common town and city slicker pigeon). Although I love 'normal' pigeons too. This one was extra interested in my camera as you can see by the first image haha.

Tues 20th. Day 355.
Got to see my favorite girls today <3 I'm getting better at getting them to sit still for literally 3 seconds while I snap a photo haha. It's a lot more difficult than you'd think!

Wed 21st. Day 356.
If I could only have this meal for the rest of my life, I'd be perfectly happy. Yum!

Thurs 22nd. Day 357.
Left it a little late, but getting a quick couple snaps for my annual Xmas Decorations post on my main blog. It's nothing special this year but in the name of tradition, I couldn't miss that post!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

December 2016 // Days 344 - 350

Fri 9th. Day 344. 
Only 6 days after we arrived home from Disneyland and about 9 days since we posted it, my postcard to Baker and Jake arrived today haha! I'd totally forgotten about it until it popped through the door!

Sat 10th. Day 345. A walk over to town with Mam and it's hard to believe how sunny and mild it is on the 10th of December! Especially compared to how chilly France was...shouldn't it be the other way around?

Sun 11th. Day 346.
Baker and I had a walk up to Mam and Dad's house today and spotted these awesome Oyster Catchers hanging around on the grass bank where Baker usually runs. They seemed so content and stuff I made sure not to let him off to play here this time, snapped a couple photos and continued on our way!

Mon 12th. Day 347.Finally, finally, I got to see Fantastic Beasts tonight. It came out right before our Disney trip and so we couldn't really afford a trip to Newcastle to see it at the cinema, nor afterward and I was a bit disappointed. However, I was having a look on our little local theater's website to see what they had coming soon and saw that they were actually getting FB (and not 3-6 months later like usual!). We booked it before we went away so had this to look forward to upon getting home :)

Tues 13th. Day 348.
Got a photo printed last night to stick in my new frame but I didn't realize that Goofy had a dang huge candy floss! It's part covering Mam's face :( so I'll need to get another printed!

Wed 14th. Day 349.
I had hoped this wouldn't happen again but who am I kidding?! This year has been full of them. I really must try harder next year.

Thurs 15th. Day 350.
Only 16 days left of the year. Mam's birthday. 50 years today since our Walt passed. And a beautiful sunrise :) Day 350 of 2016.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

December 2016 // Days 337 - 343

Fri 2nd. Day 337.
Buffalo Bills Wild West Show!! I love this so much. I first saw it in 2010 and it's just right up my street, so was fun to go again, this time with Mam. For those about to call me out on the use of animals in the show and my animal rights beliefs, I implore you to look into the background of this all. I did before going and again this time and I have to say, even in the 6 short years since I first went the standards have become even higher, with the show changing slightly and the cows and buffalo being 'on stage' for a lot less time now.
All that aside it really is such an enjoyable, interactive, western show which I hope to see many more times in years to come. I may do a photo solely of photos from this on the main blog if anyone is interested.

Sat 3rd. Day 338.
Our last day! Ever so wonderfully, Ratatouille re-opened after a week of refurb today so we got to enjoy our favorite ride before our trip ended. Even better we were able to go in the single rider queue and wait 30mins instead of the 180 main queue wait - ouch!
You may be able to tell from the fences that this was right outside Ratatouille (well the shop) as we packed our new purchases away in our bags. I will never not get excited to see any bird but particularly a Robin. <3

Sun 4th. Day 339.
I have a proper excuse! We were traveling from London back home again today and my camera was packed away. I tried to get my bag down but the snobby upper class, first class travelers had used our luggage rack above our table so I couldn't get my bag without touching theirs and I couldn't be bothered with all that.

Mon 5th. Day 340.
Always the best thing about being home. My best friend, missed him more than anything else.

Tues 6th. Day 341.Baker and I walked Jake's brother to the train station after he had stayed with them while I was away in Disneyland. Then Mam met Baker and I to walk home due to the dark haha.

Wed 7th. Day 342.
Another out of season baby... :/ Still cute but like, climate change yo.

Thurs 8th. Day 343.I got round to taking photos of the newest DVD collection members, both of which came out while I was away in Disneyland. Over the moon with my Pete's Dragon DVD and Book, both for only £10 altogether - amazing, especially with such stunning artwork.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

November 2016 // Days 330 - 336

Nov 25th. Day 330.
Isn't it supposed to be Santa that comes down your chimney? Well today Baker and I got a little fright as we heard our log burner chimney rattle. I ran upstairs to see if there was something on the roof but there was nothing... I dunno what made me check but when we came downstairs I decided to open the burner door and was greeted by a gorgeous little Sparrow face covered in soot!
I made sure Baker was safe in his cage so as not to cause any extra stress to the little bird and grabbed my little fabric carrier to try and grab him for release. He wasn't keen so I let him just fly out. Of course, I thought to close the door before he flew back up but was shocked to be greeting by another beautiful little Sparrow face :O
Bless their hearts, they were just babies - first winter I expect - and were obviously startled. I'm glad it was my chimney they came down though and not someone who would be scared as I was able to help them back out to safety quickly and easily without flapping around like I've seen some videos of people do.

Nov 26th. Day 331.
Can't resist saying Hi to my ducky pals <3 It's thanks to climate change that there are so many out of season babies around though unfortunately...

Nov 27th. Day 332.
I could have sworn I had a photo for today, but I have searched my whole laptop and external hard drive to no avail.

Nov 28th. Day 333.
Ditto the above point! I took the photo in the morning before we left for our train to London at 8pm.

Nov 29th. Day 334.
Look where we are :) If there was a village that looked like this and had just one lone cottage, I'd be very happy to live my life there haha.

Nov 30th. Day 335.One of the absolute best parts of Disneyland is the live music. The musicians are extremely talented and you should stop and show them your appreciation when passing. Top tip on not being a pr**k - don't walk right in front of a crowd who are listening to the band without even acknowledging the fantastic music :)

Dec 1st. Day 336.
What a view eh? The bandstand, the tree, the garlands across Main Street, the castle and even a bird on a beautiful blue sky!!