Saturday, 5 November 2016

October - November 2016 // Days 302 - 308

Oct 28th. Day 302.Finally finished my book! It takes me so long these days because I either never get the chance to read or fall asleep while doing so. Although it only took a few reading sessions altogether, they were spread over a few weeks...oops.
It was great by the way. If you do plan to read 'A Whole New World by Liz Braswell' don't read that page in the photo.

Oct 29th. Day 303.Mam and I went to Newcastle today to meet up with Laura, give her her Birthday gifts and go to dinner/the cinema. We also managed to see a couple more of the Snowdogs before the disappear in December - all three of which I wish Baker had been able to get his photo with as they are all lovely! You can see the ones Baker did meet in this post on my main blog.

Oct 30th. Day 304.Boyo showing off his pumpkin bum and Halloween toys!

Oct 31st. Day 305.
Nov 1st. Day 306.And again! Must. Try. Harder.

Nov 2nd. Day 307.I got crafty today and made a couple hair bows! They turned out pretty well so maybe I'll do a 'tutorial' of sorts on my main blog at some point.

Nov 3rd. Day 308. Another absolute fail of a photo but it was better than another blank spot. :/ I dunno what has happened lately! Fingers crossed the rest of November goes without a missed day.


  1. Awww, Baker looks so cute there! I loved the pumpkin outfit you got him and his two Halloween toys are extra cute. The book you were reading sounded very intriguing so I'll have to try and find a copy. Love the extra Snow Dogs too, very cute. And I love the hair bows you made, they look so pretty. If you do put up a tutorial I'll have to make sure I leave you a comment and bookmark it. - Tasha

  2. Aww I love Baker in his outfit, and his little Halloween toys. How cute! I'd love to see a tutorial of how to make those bows :) x x

  3. Ahh the pumpkin dog! I can't believe how much he loves it!

    I think that snowdog is my favourite of the ones you've shared!


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