Saturday, 26 November 2016

November 2016 // Days 323 - 329

Nov 18th. Day 323.
With dark mornings, dark evenings and not going far in the middle of the day a lot of photos end up happening right before bed, unfortunately.

Nov 19th. Day 324.
I would love to know what month my town thinks it is. There is loads of major building work going on elsewhere and today the ICE CREAM VAN visited our street. They didn't even come during the summer so why this one random, freezing night?! (Excuse the ugly skip too, it's not ours and has been there for many weeks...:/ )

Nov 20th. Day 325.
Can you sense how cold my morning walk to and from work was this morning? First proper frost.

Nov 21st. Day 326.
I shouldn't really be buying anything right before Disney but I do surveys and had sold a couple calendars so went to pick up the BFG on release day and decided the Fantastic Beasts book was too pretty (especially on half price deals) not to grab too.

Nov 22nd. Day 327.
So this upset me this morning. This is what happens when people continue to feed bread to swans/ducks etc. You see the stick looking things sticking out of this Mute Swan's wing? That is called angel wing and it highly affects their quality of life. Please read more about it here and educate as many people as you can against feeding bad things to our beautiful birdies.

Nov 23rd. Day 328.Fail.

Nov 24th. Day 329.
Yes, another fail. And both days I have consciously thought to myself at some point during the day 'I still need a photo', then I obviously forget until I'm already laying in bed. Uh!


  1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that feeding bread cased angel wing! I had heard that it was bad for them in the past, and I have stopped giving bread since, but I didn't know it could get that bad - thank you for sharing the link Danielle, very important. Love the first one too, you and Baker are so cute! Love the frost on your morning walk as well. - Tasha

  2. Baker is always so cute!
    I also do surveys! I recently cashed out, was quite chuffed!
    I am really happy that it doesn't get that cold this side, but we have the opposite problem. Yesterday we hit 30*C and it gets really humid here. Most likely hitting high twenties, if not thirties this summer. Got the fan out of storage as the poor doggies was just laying on the tiles to cool down.

  3. I had to double take as I thought that was Baker with a teddy; Best onsie ever! I love how atmospheric fog makes everything feel. - Amy x

  4. Oh, that poor swan :( I already know about Angel Wing, from watching lots of animal documentaries, and it's so awful. I think people who give birds breads are well-meaning; they don't know they are doing any harm. But there needs to be a lot more education and information so that they are aware and can bloody well stop it! x x

  5. Why is the ice cream man there... I'm pretty sure ours have stopped coming, I think they stop in October time.

    I love that photo of you and Baker! And all the frost, it was so so frosty here this morning! And there was me thinking it was going to be warmer than we had at Disney. I was wrong.

    You're missed photos have just reminded me that I forgot one for yesterday... I'm going to replicate a Sunday afternoon sometime later haha.


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