Saturday, 19 November 2016

November 2016 // Days 316 - 322

Nov 11th. Day 316.
The Royal Border Bridge, as seen from my bedroom window, lit up for Remembrance Day.

Nov 12th. Day 317.
Early morning walkies, getting muddy paws while the sun comes up! We were really lucky not to really encounter many other people making it as stress-free as possible for us both.

Nov 13th. Day 318.
15 days to go! It'll be here in no time. I'm gonna miss the countdown and planning for sure.

Nov 14th. Day 319.
Using old school candles for light and heat for the win.

Nov 15th. Day 320.
What a beautiful morning for photo taking. Mam helped me get a few last minute outfit photos for my next OOTD that goes up on Underland to Wonderland on the 2nd while we're away in Disneyland and I got to look at plenty birds.

Nov 16th. Day 321.
It's been a while since I've been to see my pretty girls so I thought today I'd take the camera too. I'm glad I did because I managed the near impossible - getting a photo of the two of them together and looking at the camera haha.

Nov 17th. Day 322.-


  1. Your photos always make me smile Danielle, and these are no exception! I especially love that first one with the bridge all lit up, and of course, Baker. Such a cutie! Love those shots of the roses in that photo for your OOTD, I always love seeing the last few flowers before they go for the winter. - Tasha

  2. So many great photos this week!

    I always love to see Baker out and enjoying himself! It looks so quiet and peaceful that early in the morning.

    Ah Tilly and Brooke, what a gorgeous pair!

  3. Lovely photos! I especially love the roses and owl candle. - Amy x

  4. Great photos, as always. I love the photo of the bridge all lit up for Remembrance Day! x x


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