Saturday, 12 November 2016

November 2016 // Days 309 - 315

Nov 4th. Day 309.
Not a bad sunrise eh?

Nov 5th. Day 310.
Blog photo taking session, featuring childhood soft toys.

Nov 6th. Day 311.
Since finishing my last book I thought I'd whip out my physical copy of Treasure Island, as I've been reading the first few chapters via my Play Books app.

Nov 7th. Day 312.
Day 3 of rain. Who said Autumn was the best season?

Nov 8th. Day 313.
Look at all the beautiful Turnstones! 

Nov 9th. Day 314.
New bedding isn't something I get often, but this absolutely beautiful bargain has joined our household this week haha. Brushed cotton should be mandatory everywhere, always. As should supporting the welfare our wildlife ;)

Nov 10th. Day 315.
One of the most amazing moments of the day during this season is the regular passings of Geese. The sound, the sight, everything is just 'wow'!!


  1. That first photo is just stunning, the colours are amazing! I love the photo with your soft toys too, I love it when you can dig out your old photos and reminisce, always puts a smile on my face, and that final shot of the geese is just gorgeous - what a sight! - Tasha

  2. I love your photos and I definitely don't say it enough! The colours in that first sunset are so dramatic. Photos of sunsets are my absolute favourite. Those geese sound amazing in really life. The photo gives a sense of the magnitude, but the sound must be amazing.
    Kate xx

  3. Oh I love the new linen! I can't remember the last time we bought new bed linen, we probably need some more but I'm too cheap to get some.

    You've definitely got far more geese than we have! Usually it's only about 10 of them flying over... I have yet to be quick enough for a photo though.

  4. Stunning sunrise! I need to get some new bed linen - I usually check out Asda as their sets are reasonably priced and reasonable quality. I've been hearing a lot about brushed cotton sets, though, I'll have to see if I can pick up a set and give it a try! x x


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