Saturday, 26 November 2016

November 2016 // Days 323 - 329

Nov 18th. Day 323.
With dark mornings, dark evenings and not going far in the middle of the day a lot of photos end up happening right before bed, unfortunately.

Nov 19th. Day 324.
I would love to know what month my town thinks it is. There is loads of major building work going on elsewhere and today the ICE CREAM VAN visited our street. They didn't even come during the summer so why this one random, freezing night?! (Excuse the ugly skip too, it's not ours and has been there for many weeks...:/ )

Nov 20th. Day 325.
Can you sense how cold my morning walk to and from work was this morning? First proper frost.

Nov 21st. Day 326.
I shouldn't really be buying anything right before Disney but I do surveys and had sold a couple calendars so went to pick up the BFG on release day and decided the Fantastic Beasts book was too pretty (especially on half price deals) not to grab too.

Nov 22nd. Day 327.
So this upset me this morning. This is what happens when people continue to feed bread to swans/ducks etc. You see the stick looking things sticking out of this Mute Swan's wing? That is called angel wing and it highly affects their quality of life. Please read more about it here and educate as many people as you can against feeding bad things to our beautiful birdies.

Nov 23rd. Day 328.Fail.

Nov 24th. Day 329.
Yes, another fail. And both days I have consciously thought to myself at some point during the day 'I still need a photo', then I obviously forget until I'm already laying in bed. Uh!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

November 2016 // Days 316 - 322

Nov 11th. Day 316.
The Royal Border Bridge, as seen from my bedroom window, lit up for Remembrance Day.

Nov 12th. Day 317.
Early morning walkies, getting muddy paws while the sun comes up! We were really lucky not to really encounter many other people making it as stress-free as possible for us both.

Nov 13th. Day 318.
15 days to go! It'll be here in no time. I'm gonna miss the countdown and planning for sure.

Nov 14th. Day 319.
Using old school candles for light and heat for the win.

Nov 15th. Day 320.
What a beautiful morning for photo taking. Mam helped me get a few last minute outfit photos for my next OOTD that goes up on Underland to Wonderland on the 2nd while we're away in Disneyland and I got to look at plenty birds.

Nov 16th. Day 321.
It's been a while since I've been to see my pretty girls so I thought today I'd take the camera too. I'm glad I did because I managed the near impossible - getting a photo of the two of them together and looking at the camera haha.

Nov 17th. Day 322.-

Saturday, 12 November 2016

November 2016 // Days 309 - 315

Nov 4th. Day 309.
Not a bad sunrise eh?

Nov 5th. Day 310.
Blog photo taking session, featuring childhood soft toys.

Nov 6th. Day 311.
Since finishing my last book I thought I'd whip out my physical copy of Treasure Island, as I've been reading the first few chapters via my Play Books app.

Nov 7th. Day 312.
Day 3 of rain. Who said Autumn was the best season?

Nov 8th. Day 313.
Look at all the beautiful Turnstones! 

Nov 9th. Day 314.
New bedding isn't something I get often, but this absolutely beautiful bargain has joined our household this week haha. Brushed cotton should be mandatory everywhere, always. As should supporting the welfare our wildlife ;)

Nov 10th. Day 315.
One of the most amazing moments of the day during this season is the regular passings of Geese. The sound, the sight, everything is just 'wow'!!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

October - November 2016 // Days 302 - 308

Oct 28th. Day 302.Finally finished my book! It takes me so long these days because I either never get the chance to read or fall asleep while doing so. Although it only took a few reading sessions altogether, they were spread over a few weeks...oops.
It was great by the way. If you do plan to read 'A Whole New World by Liz Braswell' don't read that page in the photo.

Oct 29th. Day 303.Mam and I went to Newcastle today to meet up with Laura, give her her Birthday gifts and go to dinner/the cinema. We also managed to see a couple more of the Snowdogs before the disappear in December - all three of which I wish Baker had been able to get his photo with as they are all lovely! You can see the ones Baker did meet in this post on my main blog.

Oct 30th. Day 304.Boyo showing off his pumpkin bum and Halloween toys!

Oct 31st. Day 305.
Nov 1st. Day 306.And again! Must. Try. Harder.

Nov 2nd. Day 307.I got crafty today and made a couple hair bows! They turned out pretty well so maybe I'll do a 'tutorial' of sorts on my main blog at some point.

Nov 3rd. Day 308. Another absolute fail of a photo but it was better than another blank spot. :/ I dunno what has happened lately! Fingers crossed the rest of November goes without a missed day.