Saturday, 1 October 2016

September 2016 // Days 267 - 273

Sept 23rd. Day 267. 
Was with my girls again today! You have no idea how difficult it was to get them both looking the same way haha. Aren't they lush? <3

Sept 24th. Day 268.
I have no idea what came over me today but I decided that Baker and I were going to go pick my train ticket for Friday up from the station. The quickest way there from ours is across the old bridge and along the river, but as it's usually a highly popular dog walking route I'd planned on going through town to avoid extra stress. At the last minute for some reason changed my mind and headed along the river and it was fantastic. We didn't pass one other dog and Baker had so much fun running, sniffing and looking in the river. We went up through the gardens, collected the tickets at the station and he was amazing the whole time.
I assumed our luck wouldn't continue so walked home through town and would you believe it some silly owner had to ruin it by refusing to pull their dog in despite me moving right into the side to avoid them. Nevermind. This is just a typical outing for most people but for me and Baker it was a huge thing. <3

Sept 25th. Day 269.
I didn't sleep too great last night so tonight I had a hot chocolate while reading my book. This is a super rarity! I don't drink any hot drinks except this and it's not often I have this either.

Sept 26th. Day 270.
A wonderful sunny morning walking up to Mam and Dad's house. This Cormorant was enjoying it too!

Sept 27th. Day 271.
I went to see my girls again today and what blew past me while throwing Brook's toy? A red leaf! I think that now I will accept Autumn is well and truly on it's way (whether I want it or not!).

Sept 28th. Day 272.This is my childhood Simba. The toy that went everywhere with me and I mean absolutely everywhere - he's been well travelled and well loved. I took his photo this evening for an upcoming post.

Sept 29th. Day 273.
When was our last sky photo?! I can't remember. So here is this morning's sunrise from my walk home from work.


  1. Oh some truly beautiful shots this week Danielle! I love that photo of the cormorant. Those posts sticking up from the water all look as though they're pointing right at him - lovely leading lines. Also, that red leaf is swoon worthy, and of course, who can resist such adorable face in that first photo, as well as Baker? Love these! - Tasha

  2. Beautiful shots. I love the first one - of the two gorgeous dogs sitting together like that. I can imagine it must have been hard work, getting them to pose like that! Haha. x x

  3. Tilly and Brooke are the cutest!

    Go you and Baker for your walk along the river to the station! I'm so glad it went nice and peacefully for you two! It's so nice for Baker to be able to enjoy himself without being bothered by other dogs. Maybe it's the new harness, he's got himself a bit of body armour haha! It's such a lovely place to walk, it's a shame that you guys can't enjoy it!

    Your childhood Simba looks as battered as my childhood bear that I found last week!

  4. I always think having a dog and walking them would be really scary because of the other dog owners, I'm so glad you had a mostly good walk, it looked like a beautiful day. - Amy x


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