Saturday, 29 October 2016

October 2016 // Days 295 - 301

Oct 21st. Day 295.
Had a mini photoshoot of this stunning book I received recently, ready to show it off on my main blog on November 9th!

Oct 22nd. Day 296.
I noticed today that the allotment behind my house (that usually looks abandoned and unkempt) had pumpkins growing in it! Pretty nice looking pumpkins too.

Oct 23rd. Day 297.Despite having had the post written for weeks and the bag packed for longer, I just got round to taking photos of what I have packed for Disneyland next month! Again, for another blog post.

Oct 24th. Day 298.Nothing can make me smile the way encounters like this can. Just walking home from Berwick and two Mute Swans flew right over our heads.

Oct 25th. Day 299.
... :(

Oct 26th. Day 300.One out of 3 of our famous bridges at dawn  Before all the people start coming out of their houses and making my life a living hell :)

Oct 27th. Day 301.This year is becoming an absolute fail for this project and it makes me sad.


  1. I'll second the failing of my daily photos, as I missed two weeks, well one week was hit and miss and then last week I didn't take a single photo. I'm feeling all kinds of lazy at the moment with photography and blogging.

    I love that photo of the swans! I'm usually too slow for flying birds, but I do love the photos it makes.

  2. I remember the time I tried to do project 365 and gave up about 3 weeks in because I just hadn't taken enough photos. I think I missed like a whole week out of those 3 weeks? So don't feel bad. I think you're doing really well, actually. Especially compared to me! I love your Mickey Mouse bag, so cute! x x


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