Saturday, 22 October 2016

October 2016 // Days 288 - 294

Oct 14th. Day 288.
Loving how many Robins I'm seeing all of a sudden. I just wish they weren't so fast :P

Oct 15th. Day 289.
My new 2017 calendars arrived today!! I can't believe this will be the 3rd year of having them. Crazy.

Oct 16th. Day 290.
A day of editing means there was nothing else to photograph but a photograph that I was editing.

Oct 17th. Day 291.
This is Chase. I took Chase's photos today :)

Oct 18th. Day 292.
Love an early morning Caffe Nero trip with Mam after I finish work!

Oct 19th. Day 293.
Got to go see my girlies today! Tilly posed for me and gave some good hugs <3

Oct 20th. Day 294.
I felt like I hadn't taken any birdy photos in a while so here's a quick one of a juvenile Black Backed Gull and some of my Mallard mates!


  1. Tilly and Chase are too, too cute! I love them. Also, that shot of the robin you got is just lovely, especially with all of that greenery surrounding him too. So glad your calendars have arrived as well, I'm glad you're able to do this again this year as they are lovely and the current photo for October, of the lovely daisies, is making me smile each day at the moment. Beautiful photos! - Tasha

  2. Great photos - Chase is so handsome! You have so many doggy friends <3 x x


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