Saturday, 15 October 2016

October 2016 // Days 281 - 287

Oct 7th. Day 281.
Walking home along the river after work means I get to catch up with my feathered friends.

Oct 8th. Day 282.
I may not be a fan of the weather now, but at least some of the leaves are nice.

Oct 9th. Day 283.
Two of my favorites from my soft toy collection! They always live on top on my living room DVD shelves, but are even more at home in October!

Oct 10th. Day 284.
Baker and one of the North East Snow Dogs! He was absolutely amazing all day. I have a whole blog post, jam-packed with photos, coming up on the main blog soon.

Oct 11th. Day 285.Another fail :(  This year has had quite a few...

Oct 12th. Day 286.
I turned 26 today. Look at this beautiful Minnie my friend Claire got me. I may not have many friends, but those I do (Claire and Laura in particular) always are so thoughtful.

Oct 13th. Day 287.
Took a few photos for a post I've had written up for a while, today. You can see it now, here.


  1. I love the photo of the leaves. The colours are so beautiful this time of year aren't they?! x x

  2. Oh all of these are gorgeous, I especially love the swan and the leaves, but Baker with the North East Snow Dog is adorable! Love the Minnie figurine that Claire got you too, so lovely! I must make sure I get you something next year. Beautiful photos, as always, Danielle. - Tasha


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