Saturday, 8 October 2016

October 2016 // Days 274 - 280

Sept 30th. Day 274.
Today I took the train down to Newcastle and because I knew I'd planned on popping into some shops, I decided not to trail my camera with me...therefore here are two, terrible quality, phone snaps. Mam and I hope to visit on a separate day to see as many of the Snowdogs as we can, but I had to take a photo of this Elvis one to send to Dad! The other is a shot of the sky on our traffic filled, double-the-usual-length car journey back to Berwick.

Oct 1st. Day 275.
Seeing as the Disney on Ice this year wasn't anything we fancied sitting through (aka Frozen), Laura and I didn't have anything planned for our birthday's - which are both in October - so we took a drive up to Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh to celebrate my birthday a little early. I haven't been here since I was a young kid so it was really cool to return and there have been a lot of changes.

Oct 2nd. Day 276.
Before Laura went home, we went for Sunday Dinner at my Mam and Dad's where Baker got his present from their holiday!

Oct 3rd. Day 277.
Happy UK DVD Release Day Alice Through the Looking Glass!!  (and thank you for the early birthday present Mam).

Oct 4th. Day 278.
This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!! These should have been up by now, but it's been such a busy few days that I didn't start putting my decs up until today.

Oct 5th. Day 279.
A no-photo photo for today. It's the only thing I took so at least it's not a full on fail.

Oct 6th. Day 280.
Only a few weeks ago this type of light would be lighting my way to work and now this is me on my way home from work and after stopping for a hot chocolate with Mam! Oh winter, why are you so dark?! :/


  1. I love the light in that last photo, it's so pretty! And I'm so excited to the rest of your Halloween decorations as your Halloween posts are always one of my faves. I love the sky in that first photo too and Baker's present from Ibiza is adorable! I've still yet to see the new Alice film, so I must watch that soon! - Tasha

  2. The snow dogs are cute! Although Elvis dude, is a little creepy. Can't wait to see some of the others if you share them on the blog.

    I've never heard of Our Dynamic Earth, but it looks like fun! That's definitely something Kris and I would go to. I don't know why, but that reminded me to check the ice sculpture displays that they have around Christmas time here and to see what the themes are.

    I love the last photo! It's definitely getting darker in the evenings, that's for sure!

    Hope you guys have a great day with the snow dogs today!

  3. This post felt so Autumnal! I wish I could put my halloween decorations up this year but our house is in chaos, next year they'll all be coming back out though. - Amy x

  4. Definitely getting all the Autumn and Halloween feels with this post. I need to start putting my Halloween decs up this weekend! The darker mornings are really creeping in now, it's such a shock waking up to it being dark outside, isn't it?! x x


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