Saturday, 29 October 2016

October 2016 // Days 295 - 301

Oct 21st. Day 295.
Had a mini photoshoot of this stunning book I received recently, ready to show it off on my main blog on November 9th!

Oct 22nd. Day 296.
I noticed today that the allotment behind my house (that usually looks abandoned and unkempt) had pumpkins growing in it! Pretty nice looking pumpkins too.

Oct 23rd. Day 297.Despite having had the post written for weeks and the bag packed for longer, I just got round to taking photos of what I have packed for Disneyland next month! Again, for another blog post.

Oct 24th. Day 298.Nothing can make me smile the way encounters like this can. Just walking home from Berwick and two Mute Swans flew right over our heads.

Oct 25th. Day 299.
... :(

Oct 26th. Day 300.One out of 3 of our famous bridges at dawn  Before all the people start coming out of their houses and making my life a living hell :)

Oct 27th. Day 301.This year is becoming an absolute fail for this project and it makes me sad.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

October 2016 // Days 288 - 294

Oct 14th. Day 288.
Loving how many Robins I'm seeing all of a sudden. I just wish they weren't so fast :P

Oct 15th. Day 289.
My new 2017 calendars arrived today!! I can't believe this will be the 3rd year of having them. Crazy.

Oct 16th. Day 290.
A day of editing means there was nothing else to photograph but a photograph that I was editing.

Oct 17th. Day 291.
This is Chase. I took Chase's photos today :)

Oct 18th. Day 292.
Love an early morning Caffe Nero trip with Mam after I finish work!

Oct 19th. Day 293.
Got to go see my girlies today! Tilly posed for me and gave some good hugs <3

Oct 20th. Day 294.
I felt like I hadn't taken any birdy photos in a while so here's a quick one of a juvenile Black Backed Gull and some of my Mallard mates!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

October 2016 // Days 281 - 287

Oct 7th. Day 281.
Walking home along the river after work means I get to catch up with my feathered friends.

Oct 8th. Day 282.
I may not be a fan of the weather now, but at least some of the leaves are nice.

Oct 9th. Day 283.
Two of my favorites from my soft toy collection! They always live on top on my living room DVD shelves, but are even more at home in October!

Oct 10th. Day 284.
Baker and one of the North East Snow Dogs! He was absolutely amazing all day. I have a whole blog post, jam-packed with photos, coming up on the main blog soon.

Oct 11th. Day 285.Another fail :(  This year has had quite a few...

Oct 12th. Day 286.
I turned 26 today. Look at this beautiful Minnie my friend Claire got me. I may not have many friends, but those I do (Claire and Laura in particular) always are so thoughtful.

Oct 13th. Day 287.
Took a few photos for a post I've had written up for a while, today. You can see it now, here.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

October 2016 // Days 274 - 280

Sept 30th. Day 274.
Today I took the train down to Newcastle and because I knew I'd planned on popping into some shops, I decided not to trail my camera with me...therefore here are two, terrible quality, phone snaps. Mam and I hope to visit on a separate day to see as many of the Snowdogs as we can, but I had to take a photo of this Elvis one to send to Dad! The other is a shot of the sky on our traffic filled, double-the-usual-length car journey back to Berwick.

Oct 1st. Day 275.
Seeing as the Disney on Ice this year wasn't anything we fancied sitting through (aka Frozen), Laura and I didn't have anything planned for our birthday's - which are both in October - so we took a drive up to Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh to celebrate my birthday a little early. I haven't been here since I was a young kid so it was really cool to return and there have been a lot of changes.

Oct 2nd. Day 276.
Before Laura went home, we went for Sunday Dinner at my Mam and Dad's where Baker got his present from their holiday!

Oct 3rd. Day 277.
Happy UK DVD Release Day Alice Through the Looking Glass!!  (and thank you for the early birthday present Mam).

Oct 4th. Day 278.
This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!! These should have been up by now, but it's been such a busy few days that I didn't start putting my decs up until today.

Oct 5th. Day 279.
A no-photo photo for today. It's the only thing I took so at least it's not a full on fail.

Oct 6th. Day 280.
Only a few weeks ago this type of light would be lighting my way to work and now this is me on my way home from work and after stopping for a hot chocolate with Mam! Oh winter, why are you so dark?! :/

Saturday, 1 October 2016

September 2016 // Days 267 - 273

Sept 23rd. Day 267. 
Was with my girls again today! You have no idea how difficult it was to get them both looking the same way haha. Aren't they lush? <3

Sept 24th. Day 268.
I have no idea what came over me today but I decided that Baker and I were going to go pick my train ticket for Friday up from the station. The quickest way there from ours is across the old bridge and along the river, but as it's usually a highly popular dog walking route I'd planned on going through town to avoid extra stress. At the last minute for some reason changed my mind and headed along the river and it was fantastic. We didn't pass one other dog and Baker had so much fun running, sniffing and looking in the river. We went up through the gardens, collected the tickets at the station and he was amazing the whole time.
I assumed our luck wouldn't continue so walked home through town and would you believe it some silly owner had to ruin it by refusing to pull their dog in despite me moving right into the side to avoid them. Nevermind. This is just a typical outing for most people but for me and Baker it was a huge thing. <3

Sept 25th. Day 269.
I didn't sleep too great last night so tonight I had a hot chocolate while reading my book. This is a super rarity! I don't drink any hot drinks except this and it's not often I have this either.

Sept 26th. Day 270.
A wonderful sunny morning walking up to Mam and Dad's house. This Cormorant was enjoying it too!

Sept 27th. Day 271.
I went to see my girls again today and what blew past me while throwing Brook's toy? A red leaf! I think that now I will accept Autumn is well and truly on it's way (whether I want it or not!).

Sept 28th. Day 272.This is my childhood Simba. The toy that went everywhere with me and I mean absolutely everywhere - he's been well travelled and well loved. I took his photo this evening for an upcoming post.

Sept 29th. Day 273.
When was our last sky photo?! I can't remember. So here is this morning's sunrise from my walk home from work.