Saturday, 24 September 2016

September 2016 // Days 260 - 266

Sept 16th. Day 260.
Yes, it is that bridge again. I, for some reason, thought a slow shutter mess around would make it less boring hahah.

Sept 17th. Day 261.
The moon was crazy huge tonight but you obviously can't tell from this photo, so that was a fail.

Sept 18th. Day 262.Jake's new chair arrived today, so Baker and I made a fort out of the box! I took a few photos so might share them on the main blog when I have a space free in the schedule.

Sept 19th. Day 263.Tried to get a quick photo of my new jewelry from Alice Vitrum for my quarterly collective haul but the lighting wasn't great so I'll have to re-take. However, I didn't take any other photos this day so to save a blank space again...

Sept 20th. Day 264.Trying out some new toothpaste!

Sept 21st. Day 265. 
100 days left of the year! Today I had plenty of photos to choose from as it was my 'day in photos' for September but I really liked the colours and light in this shot from when I was walking home.

Sept 22nd. Day 266.
Baker and I got to spend the morning with Dad before him and Mam left for holiday this afternoon. <3


  1. Oh I love that shot of the moon! I tried (and failed) to get some photos of the big harvest moon last week when it was looking massive and shining away, but yours is gorgeous, love the detail in it. I really like that photo of the bridge too with the slow shutter speed, quite a nice abstract feel to it, and your new jewellery is lovely too, I especially like the Dumbo one, and love the shot of you and Baker in the box together! - Tasha

  2. I took a full moon shot on the same day, it was massive! | Amy x

  3. That moon photo is so wonderful!

  4. Black toothpaste?! I love Baker's box fort, how cute! I do things like that with my cat, Harley, because he loves boxes. I recently made him a DIY cat bed/box which he absolutely loves - especially because it means he can jump out and bite your ankles as your walking past. Haha! x x


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