Saturday, 17 September 2016

September 2016 // Days 253 - 259

Sept 9th. Day 252.
It's been a while but I went to play with Brook again today. Tilly was away to the farm with her Daddy so we had a good 45mins dedicated to non-stop running! She was so knackered that she jumped onto my lap and literally just did a 'trust fall' backwards into my arms, with her legs in the air, panting away haha.

Sept 10th. Day 253.The House Martins nest in the houses around my parents and at dusk this is a common sight <3

Sept 11th. Day 254.
I met Jake's Mam and brother for the first time today. We took Baker on a walk to the garden centre and our 'secret' park where this is the view. Following the river along to the right takes you along to where we live :)

Sept 12th. Day 255.
This project has been lacking in birds lately so here is a lovely Cormorant taking off after we sat and watched it dry it's wings in the sun for a while.

Sept 13th. Day 256.The pretty flowers Jake's Mam got us. (I'd forgotten to take a photo until bedtime ;P)

Sept 14th. Day 257.
Yummy rice! Little man hasn't been eating as much recently so in case he had a poorly tummy, we went for a rice dinner tonight.

Sept 15th. Day 258.Weather, weather, weather. I swear we must all talk about the weather at least half of our lives. Maybe not, but it's a lot. Our town is always in a world of it's own weather wise but this after a scorching day and followed by a scorching day too? Crazyness.


  1. I love the smell of rain after a hot day. It just smells so...fresh! Lovely photos :) Those flowers are beautiful. x x

  2. Brook is such a cutie!

    I love the secret beach, what a gorgeous place for a walk with Baker. It looks so peaceful there.

    I am totally guilty of talking about the weather, but I love talking about it :) I don't care what it's doing I just like hearing about it haha. That's kind of lame!

  3. Awww, Brook is so cute! Love that shot you got of the cormorant too, amazing! That final photo of the dew on the plants is lovely as well, and I know the feeling. Sometimes I unintentionally end up talking about the weather, haha! Love those bright flowers you got as well, and I hope that Baker is feeling a little better now too. - Tasha


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