Saturday, 10 September 2016

September 2016 // Days 246 - 252

Sept 2nd. Day 246.
A different view of the sunset opposed to photographing the bridge ;)

Sept 3rd. Day 247.
Taking some photos for the blog and someone wasn't happy to be behind the book wall. haha

Sept 4th. Day 248.
It seems my laptop and memory cards are conspiring against me, as for the second week in a row my Sunday photo is nowhere to be found despite being sure I took one.

Sept 5th. Day 249.
A rare day out with the other half for our anniversary (5 years on the 4th), to Alnwick Castle. We were rather disappointed overall, though inside was, of course, beautiful you weren't allowed to take photos at all and we ended up seeing everything within 2 hours making the entry fee seem a little steep. I may still see if I can salvage a blog post from the images I did get but there aren't many.

Sept 6th. Day 250.
Jake surprised me by ordering me a gift for our anniversary (we don't often do gifts) and it arrived today. I'm not a big jewelry fan, the stuff I do have however is Disney Couture. He chose well :) 

Sept 7th. Day 251.
The only photo I took today was for a blog post image so it'll have to do.

Sept 8th. Day 252.
Little man got a new toy. He is obsessed. It stopped working (it's cheeks flash and it makes a noise) which made him sad. Check over on my facebook page for a video of him 'licking it better'.


  1. I really love the colors in that first photo. Beautiful.

  2. I'm still swooning over that Simba necklace, so pretty! And the video of Baker licking his toy better was too cute. It's a shame that Alnwick Castle didn't allow you to use your camera once you get in, I bet you would have taken some amazing shots! I'm still excited to see the entrance though, it does look pretty. Love the colour of the skies in that first shot too. - Tasha

  3. Your photos of Baker is amazing. I love that little confused head turn he does in the video.

  4. Oooh, will you be sharing your book collection? I'm excited to see what you have!

    Oh I love your anniversary gift! It's so so cute and so so you!

    I also watched the video of Baker being the cutest! I love it! I need to show it to Kris haha!

  5. What a gorgeous sunset. And that necklace is so cute. What a lovely gift! x x


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