Saturday, 3 September 2016

August 2016 // Days 239 - 245

August 26th. Day 239.
My boy is 4 now! That's big!

August 27th. Day 240.
A beautiful sunny day, perfect for a birthday BBQ and gift opening. Dad and I even made banana cakes for Baker and he hated them :( I make him a cake every year and I wish I'd stuck to tried and tested recipes.

August 28th. Day 241.

August 29th. Day 242.
I found where the river fairies live!

 August 30th. Day 243.
These guys were looking at me and judging as I went to bed and still hadn't taken a photo of the day yet...

August 31st. Day 244.
This is a Heron's pee'd off face because he missed a fish. He literally looked up at me as if to say, 'urgh, for goodness sake'.

September 1st. Day 245.On the way home from the doctors I stopped to see my Mallard buddies. I wanted to tell the of my news - that I'm officially not dying - but they were rather sleepy.


  1. Awww, too much Baker cuteness! I hope had a wonderful birthday, too bad the banana cakes didn't go down as well. Love the shots of the ducks and the heron, and the mushrooms by the river! I definitely think you've found the river fairies :D - Tasha

  2. I'm glad he had a good birthday but sad he didn't enjoy his cake, so cute you made them though! - Amy x

  3. Aww, it's so lovely that you threw Baker a birthday bash! I want to throw my cat a little party - I've even seen a recipe to make him a cake out of fish online. I so want to try that for his second birthday next year! It's a shame Baker didn't like his banana cakes :( x x

  4. Ahh, B Man looking so cute on his birthday! I love watching ducks sit on one leg for some reason. I just wish I had that kind of balance!


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