Saturday, 24 September 2016

September 2016 // Days 260 - 266

Sept 16th. Day 260.
Yes, it is that bridge again. I, for some reason, thought a slow shutter mess around would make it less boring hahah.

Sept 17th. Day 261.
The moon was crazy huge tonight but you obviously can't tell from this photo, so that was a fail.

Sept 18th. Day 262.Jake's new chair arrived today, so Baker and I made a fort out of the box! I took a few photos so might share them on the main blog when I have a space free in the schedule.

Sept 19th. Day 263.Tried to get a quick photo of my new jewelry from Alice Vitrum for my quarterly collective haul but the lighting wasn't great so I'll have to re-take. However, I didn't take any other photos this day so to save a blank space again...

Sept 20th. Day 264.Trying out some new toothpaste!

Sept 21st. Day 265. 
100 days left of the year! Today I had plenty of photos to choose from as it was my 'day in photos' for September but I really liked the colours and light in this shot from when I was walking home.

Sept 22nd. Day 266.
Baker and I got to spend the morning with Dad before him and Mam left for holiday this afternoon. <3

Saturday, 17 September 2016

September 2016 // Days 253 - 259

Sept 9th. Day 252.
It's been a while but I went to play with Brook again today. Tilly was away to the farm with her Daddy so we had a good 45mins dedicated to non-stop running! She was so knackered that she jumped onto my lap and literally just did a 'trust fall' backwards into my arms, with her legs in the air, panting away haha.

Sept 10th. Day 253.The House Martins nest in the houses around my parents and at dusk this is a common sight <3

Sept 11th. Day 254.
I met Jake's Mam and brother for the first time today. We took Baker on a walk to the garden centre and our 'secret' park where this is the view. Following the river along to the right takes you along to where we live :)

Sept 12th. Day 255.
This project has been lacking in birds lately so here is a lovely Cormorant taking off after we sat and watched it dry it's wings in the sun for a while.

Sept 13th. Day 256.The pretty flowers Jake's Mam got us. (I'd forgotten to take a photo until bedtime ;P)

Sept 14th. Day 257.
Yummy rice! Little man hasn't been eating as much recently so in case he had a poorly tummy, we went for a rice dinner tonight.

Sept 15th. Day 258.Weather, weather, weather. I swear we must all talk about the weather at least half of our lives. Maybe not, but it's a lot. Our town is always in a world of it's own weather wise but this after a scorching day and followed by a scorching day too? Crazyness.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

September 2016 // Days 246 - 252

Sept 2nd. Day 246.
A different view of the sunset opposed to photographing the bridge ;)

Sept 3rd. Day 247.
Taking some photos for the blog and someone wasn't happy to be behind the book wall. haha

Sept 4th. Day 248.
It seems my laptop and memory cards are conspiring against me, as for the second week in a row my Sunday photo is nowhere to be found despite being sure I took one.

Sept 5th. Day 249.
A rare day out with the other half for our anniversary (5 years on the 4th), to Alnwick Castle. We were rather disappointed overall, though inside was, of course, beautiful you weren't allowed to take photos at all and we ended up seeing everything within 2 hours making the entry fee seem a little steep. I may still see if I can salvage a blog post from the images I did get but there aren't many.

Sept 6th. Day 250.
Jake surprised me by ordering me a gift for our anniversary (we don't often do gifts) and it arrived today. I'm not a big jewelry fan, the stuff I do have however is Disney Couture. He chose well :) 

Sept 7th. Day 251.
The only photo I took today was for a blog post image so it'll have to do.

Sept 8th. Day 252.
Little man got a new toy. He is obsessed. It stopped working (it's cheeks flash and it makes a noise) which made him sad. Check over on my facebook page for a video of him 'licking it better'.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

August 2016 // Days 239 - 245

August 26th. Day 239.
My boy is 4 now! That's big!

August 27th. Day 240.
A beautiful sunny day, perfect for a birthday BBQ and gift opening. Dad and I even made banana cakes for Baker and he hated them :( I make him a cake every year and I wish I'd stuck to tried and tested recipes.

August 28th. Day 241.

August 29th. Day 242.
I found where the river fairies live!

 August 30th. Day 243.
These guys were looking at me and judging as I went to bed and still hadn't taken a photo of the day yet...

August 31st. Day 244.
This is a Heron's pee'd off face because he missed a fish. He literally looked up at me as if to say, 'urgh, for goodness sake'.

September 1st. Day 245.On the way home from the doctors I stopped to see my Mallard buddies. I wanted to tell the of my news - that I'm officially not dying - but they were rather sleepy.