Saturday, 27 August 2016

August 2016 // Days 232 - 238

August 19th. Day 232.
It's always amazing getting a package, especially a Disney one, but even nicer when you won it in a giveaway! Thank you so much Fiona!! Please, everyone go bombard Fiona with love and follows - let's all try help her smash 250 on blog lovin'?? She really is a fantastic lady with a lovely blog :) 

August 20th. Day 233.
I finally got a Peter Rabbit 50p. Yay!

August 21st. Day 234.
I spent the whole day completely cleaning this room from top to bottom today. I washed the skirting boards, dusted, hoovered, moved every piece of furniture and did all those tasks behind those too (yes that includes taking all of that stuff off the shelves and putting them back in order). It took me like 6 hours to do every inch. All because tarantulas have invaded us.
The reason for tell you, is that is the reason today's photo sucks.

August 22nd. Day 235.
Happy UK DVD release day The Jungle Book!

August 23rd. Day 236.
 I wish this photo could convey the colours that were actually here this morning. The whole sky was burning in red, pink and orange and the river looked like flames licking the bridge. It was crazy!! Cameras never capture what our eyes get to.

August 24th. Day 237.
I trapped a nerve moving the sofa the other day and my cute hot water bottle broke so I have the man one to match the 7 little men on my PJ shorts.

August 25th. Day 238.
Keeping the tradition alive! Baker's birthday banner, in the making <3


  1. Deep cleaning really sucks, especially when it's a small space you have to shuffle everything around in! Happy b-day Baker!

  2. Awww, I'm so glad you won Fiona's giveaway - I found her blog through your tweet for it and was instantly in love with it and so cute to see you win, so yay! And big Happy Birthday to Baker too! I also just saw The Jungle Book yesterday, and loved it, the CGI was amazing and it was the perfect film to watch on a Saturday night. Love those beautiful colours in the sky there too! - Tasha

  3. Oh a Peter Rabbit 50p, that's so cute! They never bring out any fun Euros...

    Oh that sky, it's freaking gorgeous! Damn guuul, that's my favourite sky photo you've taken. I'm jealous.... Belgium needs to up its sky-game

  4. Your Nemo teddies are so cute. The Peter Rabbit 50p is really sweet I would love to get one. | Amy x

  5. Yay winning giveaways is the bessst! Good cleaning too, the room looks spotless. You're so brave though, if I had a tarantula infestation I'd be running away forever haha!

    Amber Love Blog

  6. Deep cleaning is such a bore. But it makes you feel quite proud and accomplished once you've done it, doesn't it? I'm so jealous you found the Peter Rabbit coin - my future MIL has been looking out for that one for me for ages, but hasn't found one yet! x x


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