Saturday, 20 August 2016

August 2016 // Days 225 - 231

August 12th. Day 225.
A bath!! It must only mean one thing...a night at my parents.

August 13th. Day 226.
Mam and I took a super early train up to Edinburgh after I finished work. We had a slow walk through the gardens and took some photos while it was quiet before going to see Pete's Dragon! Yay! Go read my review ;) It's >> here <<.

August 14th. Day 227.
My stunning lad just casually pondering life while watching for trains. <3

August 15th. Day 228.
More pretty skies, this time kicking off what is hopefully going to be a peaceful om holiday from work and having a garden to enjoy in the forecasted sunshine.

August 16th. Day 229.
You can never have enough birds on your roof!

August 17th. Day 230.
Oh, I do like a day in the garden. Baker and I have been super lucky with the weather this week.

August 18th. Day 231.
I dunno why but every morning I've been at Mam and Dad's, I've made a mental note to photograph this shadow before the morning sun shifts. Obviously, this morning I remembered. It looked prettier in person.


  1. Beautiful photos as always here Danielle! The shot of the birds on the roof is lovely, and so true too, there can never be too many! Love the shot of the shade by the flower pot in that final photo too - looks like the weather has been wonderful for you, and of course, that photo of Baker is lovely! - Tasha

  2. Lovely photos. The photo of Baker train-watching? Stunning. I hope you enjoyed/your holiday from work. x x

  3. No, never can have too many birds! That's a lot of birds though, here's it's usually the pigeons that want to live on the roofs rather than the sparrows.

    Ah, look a Baker, keeping an eye out for all those trains haha! It's such a great view for him to look at.


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