Saturday, 13 August 2016

August 2016 // Days 218 -224

August 5th. Day 218.
Hello Mr Heron! The closest I've been able to get to one of you or your pals, ever.

 August 6th. Day 219.This is what happens when anyone is getting a photo taken! I was taking Mam and Dad's updated passport photos (in a very ghetto way since both of my studio lights have been smashed) and Baker needed his done too. This is his face when you say 'smile'!

August 7th. Day 220.
My daily walk along the river coming home from work. It's funny how the river water is such a different colour every day, it was very blue today.

 August 8th. Day 221.
I know it's another photo of my Mam and Baker, but it's a good one! We had a lovely morning at the garden centre. It was quiet, Baker got a pick and mix and to choose another toy for his birthday and we got to all sit together outside and have something from the cafe. My boy is the best little boy ever.

August 9th. Day 222.
It's 5.40am again ;)

 August 10th. Day 223.
Back into the yoga to see if it will help my chest pains.

August 11th. Day 224.
It's been a rainy day. I didn't take my camera to work and once I was home I didn't leave the house again. Most of the day was spent doing housework or blogging so I have to make do with a photo of this. Thank goodness the OH hasn't wanted it on the last few nights with it being cooler.


  1. I can't sleep with a fan on. It's just too noisy! Baker looking very handsome as usual! Love his 'smile' face! x x

  2. Love that shot of the heron and the blue of that water is just gorgeous! Lovely shots of Baker and your Mum too, and that's such a good idea with the passport photos too, especially as you take stunning photos. It saves your parents having to use the automatic machines - I always feel awkward using them, haha! I hope the yoga is helping you too, and that your chest pains are going. - Tasha

  3. Oh you know I'm going to love that heron shot! it's such an awesome angle to! I don't think I've ever been above one like that.

    Look at Baker getting in on all the photos! He's such a camera hog haha! He loves the attention! He looks so so happy at the Garden Centre! He much just be glad to get away from everything for a bit and enjoy all the peace of the garden centre.

    That sky! That's gorgeous!


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