Saturday, 27 August 2016

August 2016 // Days 232 - 238

August 19th. Day 232.
It's always amazing getting a package, especially a Disney one, but even nicer when you won it in a giveaway! Thank you so much Fiona!! Please, everyone go bombard Fiona with love and follows - let's all try help her smash 250 on blog lovin'?? She really is a fantastic lady with a lovely blog :) 

August 20th. Day 233.
I finally got a Peter Rabbit 50p. Yay!

August 21st. Day 234.
I spent the whole day completely cleaning this room from top to bottom today. I washed the skirting boards, dusted, hoovered, moved every piece of furniture and did all those tasks behind those too (yes that includes taking all of that stuff off the shelves and putting them back in order). It took me like 6 hours to do every inch. All because tarantulas have invaded us.
The reason for tell you, is that is the reason today's photo sucks.

August 22nd. Day 235.
Happy UK DVD release day The Jungle Book!

August 23rd. Day 236.
 I wish this photo could convey the colours that were actually here this morning. The whole sky was burning in red, pink and orange and the river looked like flames licking the bridge. It was crazy!! Cameras never capture what our eyes get to.

August 24th. Day 237.
I trapped a nerve moving the sofa the other day and my cute hot water bottle broke so I have the man one to match the 7 little men on my PJ shorts.

August 25th. Day 238.
Keeping the tradition alive! Baker's birthday banner, in the making <3

Saturday, 20 August 2016

August 2016 // Days 225 - 231

August 12th. Day 225.
A bath!! It must only mean one thing...a night at my parents.

August 13th. Day 226.
Mam and I took a super early train up to Edinburgh after I finished work. We had a slow walk through the gardens and took some photos while it was quiet before going to see Pete's Dragon! Yay! Go read my review ;) It's >> here <<.

August 14th. Day 227.
My stunning lad just casually pondering life while watching for trains. <3

August 15th. Day 228.
More pretty skies, this time kicking off what is hopefully going to be a peaceful om holiday from work and having a garden to enjoy in the forecasted sunshine.

August 16th. Day 229.
You can never have enough birds on your roof!

August 17th. Day 230.
Oh, I do like a day in the garden. Baker and I have been super lucky with the weather this week.

August 18th. Day 231.
I dunno why but every morning I've been at Mam and Dad's, I've made a mental note to photograph this shadow before the morning sun shifts. Obviously, this morning I remembered. It looked prettier in person.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

August 2016 // Days 218 -224

August 5th. Day 218.
Hello Mr Heron! The closest I've been able to get to one of you or your pals, ever.

 August 6th. Day 219.This is what happens when anyone is getting a photo taken! I was taking Mam and Dad's updated passport photos (in a very ghetto way since both of my studio lights have been smashed) and Baker needed his done too. This is his face when you say 'smile'!

August 7th. Day 220.
My daily walk along the river coming home from work. It's funny how the river water is such a different colour every day, it was very blue today.

 August 8th. Day 221.
I know it's another photo of my Mam and Baker, but it's a good one! We had a lovely morning at the garden centre. It was quiet, Baker got a pick and mix and to choose another toy for his birthday and we got to all sit together outside and have something from the cafe. My boy is the best little boy ever.

August 9th. Day 222.
It's 5.40am again ;)

 August 10th. Day 223.
Back into the yoga to see if it will help my chest pains.

August 11th. Day 224.
It's been a rainy day. I didn't take my camera to work and once I was home I didn't leave the house again. Most of the day was spent doing housework or blogging so I have to make do with a photo of this. Thank goodness the OH hasn't wanted it on the last few nights with it being cooler.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

July - August 2016 // Days 211 - 217

July 29th. Day 211.
5.40am. When it's only me and the birds. I wish it was always 5.40am and I could breathe easily without the sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach, or the sore head or the chest pains. I wish it was always 5.40am and it was quiet except for the sounds of the birds, my dog would be able to go pee in his own garden without being frightened and we could go outside and enjoy the fresh air in peace.
Man, I just wish things weren't as difficult right now.

July 30th. Day 212.
It's hard to believe in a world where sights like this exist, there is also such evil. One of the best things about this time of year is all the brightly coloured plants.

July 31st. Day 213.
Anything that makes my boy happy, I'm down for. We don't get to adventure far anymore so we have to make our own fun, so when the Yellow Pages was pushed through the door I let Baker go to town. Mess tidies up. More than worth it for an hour or two of playing.

August 1st. Day 214.
It feels like it was so long ago when I pre-ordered this, technically it was months and months ago...but I picked it up today. It's on my shelf and there it will stay for quite a while as I am scared to read it. The title makes me uneasy, I assume the format will be difficult to read and I don't want it to ruin the original series.

August 2nd. Day 215.Jake's on back shift this week so Mam came after work to keep me company for a couple hours. We had chips and watched Pete's Dragon as Mam has never seen it (:O) and we're off to see the new one soon.

August 3rd. Day 216.
This young beaut has been worrying me this week. They've been chilling up on the grass, out of the river and away from all other swans. It seems too friendly too as when I stopped and said hello it waddled right over to me. Maybe it's been one that was raised at the wildlife rescue, I dunno, but I hope it gets into the river and joins all the others soon. At least it was enjoying a wash in the rain...

August 4th. Day 217.
Do you know how exciting it is to get a photo of a certain bird, closer up than you have before? Does that even make sense? Thank goodness for birds and them keeping me sane. I only wish they could talk back to me.