Saturday, 30 July 2016

July 2016 // Days 204 - 210

July 22nd. Day 204.
After a literally awful day yesterday, I was so lucky Laura had already planned on coming and spending the night. That meant we were able to leave pretty early the next morning to head for Edinburgh and spend the day away from my street. Trying to keep calm and feel better. Mam and I hadn't planned on seeing The BFG as we wanted to see Petes Dragon too and with them being so close together couldn't afford to do both. In that case, I was obviously chuffed that Laura wanted to go see it :D
I took my camera with me but because we did so much I totally forgot about a photo until we got home...
You can read my review on it here. 

July 23rd. Day 205.
After our day away at Fort Kinnaird, Laura stayed the night again and the next day took me to help get a food shop. I usually go with Mam but she was away with Dad for their anniversary and I'm not comfortable doing things like that alone. Although it was just a trip to Morrisons, I enjoyed it and then after dropping the food off at home we picked Baker up, took him to play at Mam and Dads (because of the situation at home I struggle to get him out for the toilet in our garden let alone playtime) and to drop off some flowers I got for my parents, before Laura had to head home.

July 24th. Day 206.
Not the type of book I'd usually pick up but I've started reading this as it's the other half of the story that I've recently finished, 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry'. It's pretty good so far.

July 25th. Day 207.
Sleeping beauty still can't relax and put his ears down due to all the carry on! He's been my little guard dog.

July 26th. Day 208.
Hello Rain.

July 27th. Day 209.
Nothing better than an early morning walk along here taking photos after work. One of my favorite things to photograph of all time is light shining through leaves. That colour is one of the best colours ever <3

July 28th. Day 210.
How could we have a week without a bird photo? I love passing the pigeons that huddle in the little cubbies that are in the side of the town walls. This morning was the first day I wasn't home before 7.30 so as to miss street confrontation... I met Mam, she helped take some outfit photos for next months post and we had a Cafe Nero, before she walked me home :)


  1. Hope you're feeling much better now lovely and you're right, light shining through the leaves is one of the nicest sights of all time, always makes me smile instantly too. Lovely shots of Baker and your friend here as well, glad you got down to the cinema too! Love the shot of the pigeon as well. - Tasha

  2. With any luck the carry on with end... but you never know with people these days. At least you've got Baker to keep you company, bless his heart!

    I love the photo of the Riverside Walk! It's in the perfect spot for the sunlight.

  3. I'm sorry to hear there's been some problems on your street causing you and Baker distress :( That must be really horrid. I hope things are better now. Great photos! x x


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