Saturday, 23 July 2016

July 2016 // Days 197 - 203

15th July. Day 197.
I spotted that this beauty was back when I was walking home from work and of course I didn't have my camera, typical. I had an extra brisk walk to my house to grab it and back out to the bridge where I spent a good 30mins - an hour just watching and photographing him/her. I feel so sad for it as it's all alone and whenever it swims or waddles up to any of the mute swans, they all move away from it :(
It was even honking for a parent or something bless it.

16th July. Day 198.
Totally unintentionally, but it seems that we have two swans in a row this week. I love watching them groom. They're so meticulous. And just look how fab it's feet are!

17th July. Day 199.
Love hearing my beautiful Blackbird friends singing so loudly! Not long after this was taken, this guy chased after a big Jackdaw! No fear.

18th July. Day 200.
What an awful day we've had. Baker was booked into the vets, just to get his nails cut but because he is so scared he has to be sedated. We were unlucky and ended up with a horrible 'vet' who didn't talk to Baker once, barely had time for me or my Mam, gave us no information and lifted my 19.5kg dog up by HIS NECK. We were very eager to get him back and go home so he wasn't fully around and ended up collapsing when we got outside.
We got a taxi home and I carried him into his bed where he could barely lift his head for a few hours. When he did walk it was scary how unsteady he was and I hated seeing him so sad and subdued. Here he is after he'd perked up enough to climb onto the sofa himself, with his new little toy his Granny got him for being a good boy. He loved it so much that he wouldn't let it go all day.

19th July. Day 201.
I knew I'd be inside most of the day today with Baker, so took my camera to work to get a photo for my project on the walk home. I adore wild plants and flowers, especially when they grow in obscure places.
As it was apparently 'the hottest day of the year' I spent the majority of my day away from any electricals. Baker and I played in his paddling pool for a good little while, shared a full cucumber and then watched a movie with the fan and his ice lollies to keep him cool.

20th July. Day 202.
I could have sworn I had a photo for today, but I've looked on all my memory cards and can't find anything :(

21st July. Day 203.
Tyrannosaurus Heron! I have so many photos of Herons I lose count but I thought sharing a one in flight would be a little different. It's far from perfect as I didn't have time to adjust the settings when I spotted it and the river is brown due to the storm yesterday.

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  1. Wow! That's beyond awful what happened to poor Baker, I don't know what I'd do! Finding a good vet is like a needle in a haystack. I'm happy he had a new toy to fix it all after :)


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