Saturday, 16 July 2016

July 2016 // Days 190 - 196

8th July. Day 190.
Whenever you see this view you know it's either because it was a crazy looking sky or it got to bedtime and I didn't have a photo for that day yet. I'll let you decide which this is.

9th July. Day 191.
I love watching the Goosanders in the river, though from the bridge they are usually too far away to get a nice photo, even with the long lens. So this morning when I went to photograph the Canada Geese while waiting on Mam I was happy to spot them closer to the edge of the river and I got this shot :)

10th July. Day 192.
That's another Race for Life complete! This year was our 6th year in a row doing it and after doing my 30mile walk recently, 3.1 mile is literally nothing. However, I do have arthritis, as does Mam so we just took this as a slow walk and had quite a bit of pain to push through. 51 minutes was our overall time which is cool, though the time really doesn't matter.

11th July. Day 193.
With it being a Monday (and I was hoping for overcast weather) I thought that it'd mean the town would be quite and we'd be able to walk Charles in peace. Nope. It's like blinkin' Crufts every day of the week and, unfortunately for us, it was a beautiful day with only a couple passing showers. We still managed to have a relatively stress-free walk, Baker got to play with his frisbee and I got a couple updated photos of him for an upcoming blog post. He's so beautiful.

12th July. Day 194.
So, yeah, I did say on Saturday the 11th of May that I'd received my last ever Disney Movie Reward. And yes, that is another DMR popping through my door! Long story short I ended up having enough points in 2nd hand DVDs I'd bought to get one last one before it shuts down. This really is the last one!

13th July. Day 195.
This is a bittersweet photo in many ways. I am terrified of butterflies and moth, but I saw this guy in Baker's swimming pool and wanted to fish him out in case he was still alive. It turned out he was and I set him out in a plant pot to chill for a bit. His wings started flapping and looking a lot perkier so I went to fetch some sugar water to give him the extra energy for flying away. Next minute I look out the window and a Sparrow had him in it's mouth :(
Poor thing. I tried...

14th July. Day 196.
So what if it's another river photo, this young Pink Footed Goose (I am aware it's feet look orange and therefore could be misconstrued as a Bean Goose, but with the pink band on it's beak I'm gonna say it's a Pink Footed) having breakfast, was too pretty not to make today's photo.


  1. I'm scared of butterflies and moths too! Everyone thinks I'm weird - haha. It's a good thing you did, though, fishing it out of the water. Nature is cruel :( And well done on completing Race For Life! x x

  2. I'm going with a bit of both for the first photo!

    Nice one on the Race For Life! Who needs to run when you can just walk :) Walking is more fun!

    I can't believe what happened to the little butterfly! Still, I have never seen one like that and I have no idea what kind it is.

    Awesome photos for this week! Can't go wrong with ducks!


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