Saturday, 9 July 2016

July 2016 // Days 183 - 189

July 1st. Day 183.
 Going to bed a little later means I get to witness these crazy summer sunsets! It's difficult to capture on photos exactly what the sky looks like in person when it's like this. It was like someone had painted swirls in the clouds.

July 2nd. Day 184.
When you've been counting since the days were in the 400s, this is a little scary. As much as I am excited to go, time is going too fast and the sooner it's here the sooner it's over haha. I love my planning!

July 3rd. Day 185.
I love all the fledgling birds!!!!! <3 This guy's back was so fuffy, but I preferred the photo of his cute little face.

July 4th. Day 186.
Today Mam and I met a friend of hers for a Cafe Nero and chat, then a walk back home along the river. For a change, there was quite a lack of birds and wildlife...until this guy turned up. :)

July 5th. Day 187.
Best. Morning. Ever. 
I had such a great few hours today, the best since coming back from Kielder as I have been quite down since then. Anyway, on my way to work this morning I was greeted from the bridge by the biggest gaggle of Canada Geese I have ever seen visit our town. They were stunning, but very timid (which is good as it keeps them from being harmed by people or dogs etc) and ended up moving up nearer to the mouth of the river when more people were beginning to walk past. Typically, I didn't have my camera with me so after work I got home, grabbed it and went straight back out for a walk.
I was so lucky to take a lot of different photos of so many different birds and the Geese but it was even more exciting to get this guy so close on camera.
I was just turning to leave the quayside when I heard a snort from the water and swung round knowing that it was Mr Seal that I'd been watching give the fishermen hassle. He was SO chuffed with his massive brown trout and even posed to show it off. It was such an exciting moment and I was beaming. Still dressed in rags like Cinderella after my morning cleaning job, I walked home with my grin on my face and giant camera in hand to many a funny look...not that I cared, after my amazing experience. I'll be sharing more of the photos from this morning on my other blog in due course. 

July 6th. Day 188.
The Canada Geese in question. Mam and I were walking over the old bridge to go to the post office after I finished work so I got to get a few quick closer up snaps of these majestic bunch. The sun was evidently behind them so it's not my favorite photo but it'll do. 

July 7th. Day 189.
Some more cheeky birds! I'd been to town with Dad for his Xray and seen him off on the bus then decided to have a little seat by the river before going home. I love Jackdaws and I don't think I've seen a couple like these before. They were preening each other and following each other, then just sitting next to each other it was so cute. They got a little shy once I took the camera out though haha.


  1. The sky in your first photo looks like something out of a painting - stunning! I'm so jealous you got to see a seal. He's so cute, and looks so pleased with his fish! x x

  2. So many adorable bird photos here and the seal is just too cute! What a find! Love the colours in the sky there too. - Tasha

  3. Oh wow, that sunset is amazing!! I don't think I've seen anything like that before! Oh Mr Seal looks so pleased with himself! What an amazing photo op! Yup, I'm totally jealous.

    We have loads of Jackdaws around here (it took me a while to tell them apart from the crows), but now that I can see they are different it's fun to see them plod around with the crows and magpies.


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