Saturday, 30 July 2016

July 2016 // Days 204 - 210

July 22nd. Day 204.
After a literally awful day yesterday, I was so lucky Laura had already planned on coming and spending the night. That meant we were able to leave pretty early the next morning to head for Edinburgh and spend the day away from my street. Trying to keep calm and feel better. Mam and I hadn't planned on seeing The BFG as we wanted to see Petes Dragon too and with them being so close together couldn't afford to do both. In that case, I was obviously chuffed that Laura wanted to go see it :D
I took my camera with me but because we did so much I totally forgot about a photo until we got home...
You can read my review on it here. 

July 23rd. Day 205.
After our day away at Fort Kinnaird, Laura stayed the night again and the next day took me to help get a food shop. I usually go with Mam but she was away with Dad for their anniversary and I'm not comfortable doing things like that alone. Although it was just a trip to Morrisons, I enjoyed it and then after dropping the food off at home we picked Baker up, took him to play at Mam and Dads (because of the situation at home I struggle to get him out for the toilet in our garden let alone playtime) and to drop off some flowers I got for my parents, before Laura had to head home.

July 24th. Day 206.
Not the type of book I'd usually pick up but I've started reading this as it's the other half of the story that I've recently finished, 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry'. It's pretty good so far.

July 25th. Day 207.
Sleeping beauty still can't relax and put his ears down due to all the carry on! He's been my little guard dog.

July 26th. Day 208.
Hello Rain.

July 27th. Day 209.
Nothing better than an early morning walk along here taking photos after work. One of my favorite things to photograph of all time is light shining through leaves. That colour is one of the best colours ever <3

July 28th. Day 210.
How could we have a week without a bird photo? I love passing the pigeons that huddle in the little cubbies that are in the side of the town walls. This morning was the first day I wasn't home before 7.30 so as to miss street confrontation... I met Mam, she helped take some outfit photos for next months post and we had a Cafe Nero, before she walked me home :)

Saturday, 23 July 2016

July 2016 // Days 197 - 203

15th July. Day 197.
I spotted that this beauty was back when I was walking home from work and of course I didn't have my camera, typical. I had an extra brisk walk to my house to grab it and back out to the bridge where I spent a good 30mins - an hour just watching and photographing him/her. I feel so sad for it as it's all alone and whenever it swims or waddles up to any of the mute swans, they all move away from it :(
It was even honking for a parent or something bless it.

16th July. Day 198.
Totally unintentionally, but it seems that we have two swans in a row this week. I love watching them groom. They're so meticulous. And just look how fab it's feet are!

17th July. Day 199.
Love hearing my beautiful Blackbird friends singing so loudly! Not long after this was taken, this guy chased after a big Jackdaw! No fear.

18th July. Day 200.
What an awful day we've had. Baker was booked into the vets, just to get his nails cut but because he is so scared he has to be sedated. We were unlucky and ended up with a horrible 'vet' who didn't talk to Baker once, barely had time for me or my Mam, gave us no information and lifted my 19.5kg dog up by HIS NECK. We were very eager to get him back and go home so he wasn't fully around and ended up collapsing when we got outside.
We got a taxi home and I carried him into his bed where he could barely lift his head for a few hours. When he did walk it was scary how unsteady he was and I hated seeing him so sad and subdued. Here he is after he'd perked up enough to climb onto the sofa himself, with his new little toy his Granny got him for being a good boy. He loved it so much that he wouldn't let it go all day.

19th July. Day 201.
I knew I'd be inside most of the day today with Baker, so took my camera to work to get a photo for my project on the walk home. I adore wild plants and flowers, especially when they grow in obscure places.
As it was apparently 'the hottest day of the year' I spent the majority of my day away from any electricals. Baker and I played in his paddling pool for a good little while, shared a full cucumber and then watched a movie with the fan and his ice lollies to keep him cool.

20th July. Day 202.
I could have sworn I had a photo for today, but I've looked on all my memory cards and can't find anything :(

21st July. Day 203.
Tyrannosaurus Heron! I have so many photos of Herons I lose count but I thought sharing a one in flight would be a little different. It's far from perfect as I didn't have time to adjust the settings when I spotted it and the river is brown due to the storm yesterday.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

July 2016 // Days 190 - 196

8th July. Day 190.
Whenever you see this view you know it's either because it was a crazy looking sky or it got to bedtime and I didn't have a photo for that day yet. I'll let you decide which this is.

9th July. Day 191.
I love watching the Goosanders in the river, though from the bridge they are usually too far away to get a nice photo, even with the long lens. So this morning when I went to photograph the Canada Geese while waiting on Mam I was happy to spot them closer to the edge of the river and I got this shot :)

10th July. Day 192.
That's another Race for Life complete! This year was our 6th year in a row doing it and after doing my 30mile walk recently, 3.1 mile is literally nothing. However, I do have arthritis, as does Mam so we just took this as a slow walk and had quite a bit of pain to push through. 51 minutes was our overall time which is cool, though the time really doesn't matter.

11th July. Day 193.
With it being a Monday (and I was hoping for overcast weather) I thought that it'd mean the town would be quite and we'd be able to walk Charles in peace. Nope. It's like blinkin' Crufts every day of the week and, unfortunately for us, it was a beautiful day with only a couple passing showers. We still managed to have a relatively stress-free walk, Baker got to play with his frisbee and I got a couple updated photos of him for an upcoming blog post. He's so beautiful.

12th July. Day 194.
So, yeah, I did say on Saturday the 11th of May that I'd received my last ever Disney Movie Reward. And yes, that is another DMR popping through my door! Long story short I ended up having enough points in 2nd hand DVDs I'd bought to get one last one before it shuts down. This really is the last one!

13th July. Day 195.
This is a bittersweet photo in many ways. I am terrified of butterflies and moth, but I saw this guy in Baker's swimming pool and wanted to fish him out in case he was still alive. It turned out he was and I set him out in a plant pot to chill for a bit. His wings started flapping and looking a lot perkier so I went to fetch some sugar water to give him the extra energy for flying away. Next minute I look out the window and a Sparrow had him in it's mouth :(
Poor thing. I tried...

14th July. Day 196.
So what if it's another river photo, this young Pink Footed Goose (I am aware it's feet look orange and therefore could be misconstrued as a Bean Goose, but with the pink band on it's beak I'm gonna say it's a Pink Footed) having breakfast, was too pretty not to make today's photo.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

July 2016 // Days 183 - 189

July 1st. Day 183.
 Going to bed a little later means I get to witness these crazy summer sunsets! It's difficult to capture on photos exactly what the sky looks like in person when it's like this. It was like someone had painted swirls in the clouds.

July 2nd. Day 184.
When you've been counting since the days were in the 400s, this is a little scary. As much as I am excited to go, time is going too fast and the sooner it's here the sooner it's over haha. I love my planning!

July 3rd. Day 185.
I love all the fledgling birds!!!!! <3 This guy's back was so fuffy, but I preferred the photo of his cute little face.

July 4th. Day 186.
Today Mam and I met a friend of hers for a Cafe Nero and chat, then a walk back home along the river. For a change, there was quite a lack of birds and wildlife...until this guy turned up. :)

July 5th. Day 187.
Best. Morning. Ever. 
I had such a great few hours today, the best since coming back from Kielder as I have been quite down since then. Anyway, on my way to work this morning I was greeted from the bridge by the biggest gaggle of Canada Geese I have ever seen visit our town. They were stunning, but very timid (which is good as it keeps them from being harmed by people or dogs etc) and ended up moving up nearer to the mouth of the river when more people were beginning to walk past. Typically, I didn't have my camera with me so after work I got home, grabbed it and went straight back out for a walk.
I was so lucky to take a lot of different photos of so many different birds and the Geese but it was even more exciting to get this guy so close on camera.
I was just turning to leave the quayside when I heard a snort from the water and swung round knowing that it was Mr Seal that I'd been watching give the fishermen hassle. He was SO chuffed with his massive brown trout and even posed to show it off. It was such an exciting moment and I was beaming. Still dressed in rags like Cinderella after my morning cleaning job, I walked home with my grin on my face and giant camera in hand to many a funny look...not that I cared, after my amazing experience. I'll be sharing more of the photos from this morning on my other blog in due course. 

July 6th. Day 188.
The Canada Geese in question. Mam and I were walking over the old bridge to go to the post office after I finished work so I got to get a few quick closer up snaps of these majestic bunch. The sun was evidently behind them so it's not my favorite photo but it'll do. 

July 7th. Day 189.
Some more cheeky birds! I'd been to town with Dad for his Xray and seen him off on the bus then decided to have a little seat by the river before going home. I love Jackdaws and I don't think I've seen a couple like these before. They were preening each other and following each other, then just sitting next to each other it was so cute. They got a little shy once I took the camera out though haha.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

June 2016 // Days 176 - 182

June 24th. Day 176.
Not adjusting to being back in a noisy street after my amazing time in the forest, I decided Baker and I would go have a sleepover at Mam and Dads house. This is the view from my old bedroom.

June 25th. Day 177.
National Armed Forces Day parade in Berwick. We didn't think we'd have the time to see it but it started while we were waiting at the bus stop to go see my Nana. Those taking part included ''Berwick Pipe Band, the Pipes and Drums and Cassino Band of Northumbria Army Cadet Force, members of the Royal British Legion and detachments from the Army Cadet Force, Air Training Corps and other veterans and youth organizations'' as stated on the Berwick council website. It was a little sad that there were so few people both spectating and taking part and no matter what you think of war there is no need not to respect these people - especially the veterans. Of course we all want world peace, but in a world where other countries have their own military and could at any point pose a threat, we must be able to protect ourselves. I may not be from a military family but I 100% appreciate and support our forces.

June 26th. Day 178.
Jake and I took a rare few hours to ourselves while Baker stayed with his Granny and Granda today. We walked along the pier to look for the dolphins, that have been back the past couple weeks, but of course no luck for me haha!

June 27th. Day 179.
Got to go see these babes today! I love that they get excited to see me...maybe it's just because I've come to let them out but I hope that some of it is because they love me :P Little miss puppy pants was extra cheeky today and decided to run off with my sunglasses too which was fun.

June 28th. Day 180.
Not even gonna bother...

June 29th. Day 181.
A new book arrived today and so I had to get a photo of it with another recent purchase ready for my quarterly collective haul that will go up on my main blog on Monday ;)

June 20th. Day 182.
It's just wrong for it to be this light outside when I'm going to bed!