Saturday, 25 June 2016

June 2016 // Days 169 - 175

June 17th. Day 169.
Can you believe we had to have the fire lit today?! It got quite chilly, as well as it being a full week since the rain started and I needed it on at the very least just to get some laundry dried!

June 18th. Day 170.
Any walk across the bridge is never complete without at least 5 minutes just standing watching the birds. This is a male Common Merganser and I hadn't noticed united I looked at the photo on the laptop but he seems to be a little bald on top... Never the less he's a beaut and it's so fun to see them dive under the water.

June 19th. Day 171.
Little man getting himself comfy at his Granny's house ready for his sleepover while Mammy and Granda go do our charity walk. 

June 20th. Day 172.
Day one of our walk! This photo was taken within the first 6 miles so we were still rather optimistic and somewhat fresh haha. Despite all of the gates saying 'please keep the gates closed', there were a few open and many little monkeys like these guys had decided to go for a wander.
After this stretch of the walk we actually to re-visit the Kielder Birds of Prey Centre that I love so much and stroke/hold/fly some stunning birds. It's after this that the day got hard haha. We walked about another 10 miles to get to our Inn for the evening and what with all of the ups and downs of the terrain we were in a lot of pain when we got there.

June 21st. Day 173.
After a night in our fantastic little country Inn, we left sharp in the morning and headed towards the Dam to re-enter our official route. This side, although still difficult, was a lot better trail wise. Not only that but luckily we had no rain, it was a little less mild and we saw lots of wildlife including the wild Red Kite above. I'll talk lots more about our trip on my other blog soon...

 June 22nd. Day 174.
So excited to be home!! Mammy? Not so much.

June 23rd. Day 175.
The big day.


  1. Gorgeous photos. Baker looks so pleased to be home, bless him! x x

  2. I'm so behind, again! I will be making myself a better schedule to work in some blog reading more often. Congrats on doing your walk! I love that you do it with your dad, I hope it all went well for him too!


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