Saturday, 18 June 2016

June 2016 // Days 162 - 168

June 10th. Day 162.
The start of the rain! I thought this a perfect day to get little man out as usually when it's bad weather it means there are less people out with dogs. It also gave me a chance to try out my new waterproof coat ahead of our sponsored walk!
We had a lovely little walk along to the garden centre to pick up some mealworms for baby bird, Baker got a doggy pick and mix and was such a good boy. He then had a little run at the park but the grass was soaking and our feet were so wet that I wanted to get home and dry us off. I loved all the colour we passed, just wish you could see the bright yellow rape seed field behind that hedge.
And although the bottom image couldn't be more out of focus if it tried (I'm still dealing with my rubbish 18-55), I had to include it for my little baby in his coat and all of the bright colours.

June 11th. Day 163.
So this is baby bird today. I wanted to try and release it today but the weather wasn't as I'd hoped the past few days. I managed to get him outside still in the cage to acclimatise and built a shelter over it so that it wasn't overwhelmed with rain during the night. Obviously, by this point, it is fully weaned and able to fly. Ready to go. I am so proud of how well it has done and it looks so amazing in comparison to when I found it.

June 12th. Day 164.
My bird has flown my nest! I wore the GoPro on my head to film the event but mucked it up as I ran inside to get my DSLR and missed it's initial flight from the cage to the garden wall. I was pretty gutted.
I'd left a load of food out for baby b in case it needed to come back to fill it's belly, but not 15 minutes after my baby left, these guys invaded!

June 13th. Day 165.
I left my camera at home today while I went to let out Tilly and Brook seeing as it was raining, so this is the only photo I got. But look how canny my clingy girls were today!

June 14th. Day 166.
If you follow me on any social media or read my blog, you'll know I rarely buy DVDs brand new, but after seeing this movie recently I had to pick it up as soon as it had been released! I did so thanks to an Etsy sale though and even then, at £8.00 it was a little treat I don;t need to justify...much.

June 15th. Day 167.
This mist is eery. I feel like I'm in a thriller movie...

June 16th. Day 168.
Look at this big guy haha! He was so big that his chest all wet while hoovering seeds from the floor...bless him.


  1. Aww baby bird has flown the nest! I think it's so great that you took him in and raised him up to be able to go back into the wild. Such a kind thing to do :) x x

  2. I'm kind of glad we don't have a go pro, I'm pretty sure Kris would wear it on his head all the time if we did!


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