Saturday, 11 June 2016

June 2016 // Days 155 - 161

June 3rd. Day 155.
Baker and I met Dad from work and had a walk up to their house seeing as Jake was on backshift. However, on our way to meet Dad I had a little obsessive thought attack and had to walk all the way back home to double check that I'd turned the bloomin' oven off. It was off.

June 4th. Day 156.
Just a quiet little stroll by the river after work. It is a little funny how strangely people watch you when you're sitting on the river wall taking photos of wildflowers.

June 5th. Day 157.
Only 19 months later, I finally sorted out my video clips from our DLP 2014 trip! I'm quite happy with how the video turned out even though I lost quite a lot of footage somehow :( You can check it out here if you fancy seeing it.
Also, Fuller House anyone?! Oh, Mylanta! Cannot wait for season 2!

June 6th. Day 158.
Meet baby-b. This little fledgling was sat in my front garden when I went to leave for work at 6am this morning. It can't fly and has a bit of a matted wing, so with lots of nasty cats around here that try to catch the birds on my bird feeder, I obviously worried all during my shift. I was feeling pretty poorly as it was and have been adjusting to this new awful inhaler, so the stress was making me feel even worse.
When I got home I knew I had to do something so now it's having a bit of R&R with me for a couple days. 

June 7th. Day 159.
This young man made it clear he would have liked some food from us. I was actually pretty much this close too, as he came walking over. No zoom lens or anything. I love how the birds trust me.

June 8th. Day 160.
Oh no...not again...

June 9th. Day 161.
Today and yesterday were my first days going to let these little beauts out in the middle of the day. They are so good and I'm glad they took to me so well. We had such fun sitting in the sun and playing with toys <3


  1. I love your nature photos! I have been reading your updates on the birdie. Glad he made it!
    I also missed a day this week, just like last week. haha

  2. Pfft, people are always looking at other people weirdly. I enjoy crouching down to take photos and often just sit on the floor, apparently it's just not acceptable to other people. Too bad I can't actually see them since I'm busy with my camera haha!

  3. Love your photographs. I find the top one really striking. It almost looks like a tunnel of trees! x x


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