Saturday, 25 June 2016

June 2016 // Days 169 - 175

June 17th. Day 169.
Can you believe we had to have the fire lit today?! It got quite chilly, as well as it being a full week since the rain started and I needed it on at the very least just to get some laundry dried!

June 18th. Day 170.
Any walk across the bridge is never complete without at least 5 minutes just standing watching the birds. This is a male Common Merganser and I hadn't noticed united I looked at the photo on the laptop but he seems to be a little bald on top... Never the less he's a beaut and it's so fun to see them dive under the water.

June 19th. Day 171.
Little man getting himself comfy at his Granny's house ready for his sleepover while Mammy and Granda go do our charity walk. 

June 20th. Day 172.
Day one of our walk! This photo was taken within the first 6 miles so we were still rather optimistic and somewhat fresh haha. Despite all of the gates saying 'please keep the gates closed', there were a few open and many little monkeys like these guys had decided to go for a wander.
After this stretch of the walk we actually to re-visit the Kielder Birds of Prey Centre that I love so much and stroke/hold/fly some stunning birds. It's after this that the day got hard haha. We walked about another 10 miles to get to our Inn for the evening and what with all of the ups and downs of the terrain we were in a lot of pain when we got there.

June 21st. Day 173.
After a night in our fantastic little country Inn, we left sharp in the morning and headed towards the Dam to re-enter our official route. This side, although still difficult, was a lot better trail wise. Not only that but luckily we had no rain, it was a little less mild and we saw lots of wildlife including the wild Red Kite above. I'll talk lots more about our trip on my other blog soon...

 June 22nd. Day 174.
So excited to be home!! Mammy? Not so much.

June 23rd. Day 175.
The big day.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

June 2016 // Days 162 - 168

June 10th. Day 162.
The start of the rain! I thought this a perfect day to get little man out as usually when it's bad weather it means there are less people out with dogs. It also gave me a chance to try out my new waterproof coat ahead of our sponsored walk!
We had a lovely little walk along to the garden centre to pick up some mealworms for baby bird, Baker got a doggy pick and mix and was such a good boy. He then had a little run at the park but the grass was soaking and our feet were so wet that I wanted to get home and dry us off. I loved all the colour we passed, just wish you could see the bright yellow rape seed field behind that hedge.
And although the bottom image couldn't be more out of focus if it tried (I'm still dealing with my rubbish 18-55), I had to include it for my little baby in his coat and all of the bright colours.

June 11th. Day 163.
So this is baby bird today. I wanted to try and release it today but the weather wasn't as I'd hoped the past few days. I managed to get him outside still in the cage to acclimatise and built a shelter over it so that it wasn't overwhelmed with rain during the night. Obviously, by this point, it is fully weaned and able to fly. Ready to go. I am so proud of how well it has done and it looks so amazing in comparison to when I found it.

June 12th. Day 164.
My bird has flown my nest! I wore the GoPro on my head to film the event but mucked it up as I ran inside to get my DSLR and missed it's initial flight from the cage to the garden wall. I was pretty gutted.
I'd left a load of food out for baby b in case it needed to come back to fill it's belly, but not 15 minutes after my baby left, these guys invaded!

June 13th. Day 165.
I left my camera at home today while I went to let out Tilly and Brook seeing as it was raining, so this is the only photo I got. But look how canny my clingy girls were today!

June 14th. Day 166.
If you follow me on any social media or read my blog, you'll know I rarely buy DVDs brand new, but after seeing this movie recently I had to pick it up as soon as it had been released! I did so thanks to an Etsy sale though and even then, at £8.00 it was a little treat I don;t need to justify...much.

June 15th. Day 167.
This mist is eery. I feel like I'm in a thriller movie...

June 16th. Day 168.
Look at this big guy haha! He was so big that his chest all wet while hoovering seeds from the floor...bless him.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

June 2016 // Days 155 - 161

June 3rd. Day 155.
Baker and I met Dad from work and had a walk up to their house seeing as Jake was on backshift. However, on our way to meet Dad I had a little obsessive thought attack and had to walk all the way back home to double check that I'd turned the bloomin' oven off. It was off.

June 4th. Day 156.
Just a quiet little stroll by the river after work. It is a little funny how strangely people watch you when you're sitting on the river wall taking photos of wildflowers.

June 5th. Day 157.
Only 19 months later, I finally sorted out my video clips from our DLP 2014 trip! I'm quite happy with how the video turned out even though I lost quite a lot of footage somehow :( You can check it out here if you fancy seeing it.
Also, Fuller House anyone?! Oh, Mylanta! Cannot wait for season 2!

June 6th. Day 158.
Meet baby-b. This little fledgling was sat in my front garden when I went to leave for work at 6am this morning. It can't fly and has a bit of a matted wing, so with lots of nasty cats around here that try to catch the birds on my bird feeder, I obviously worried all during my shift. I was feeling pretty poorly as it was and have been adjusting to this new awful inhaler, so the stress was making me feel even worse.
When I got home I knew I had to do something so now it's having a bit of R&R with me for a couple days. 

June 7th. Day 159.
This young man made it clear he would have liked some food from us. I was actually pretty much this close too, as he came walking over. No zoom lens or anything. I love how the birds trust me.

June 8th. Day 160.
Oh no...not again...

June 9th. Day 161.
Today and yesterday were my first days going to let these little beauts out in the middle of the day. They are so good and I'm glad they took to me so well. We had such fun sitting in the sun and playing with toys <3

Saturday, 4 June 2016

May/June 2016 // Days 148 - 154

May 27th. Day 148.
It was a really misty/foggy day today. I had the doctors again (the 3rd time this week) and took my camera with me again to see what I could see afterwards while chilling myself out. These two Grey Herons (can you see the 2nd in the background?) were just chilling on the side of the bridge and as soon as I turned to leave the both took off on a little flight together. I did get photos, but preferred this one ;) 

May 28th. Day 149.
Yay! We went to Newcastle to see Alice Through the Looking Glass! My friend Laura came to meet Mam and I for a little shopping and Pizza Hut trip before heading to the Empire for our 3D Underland adventure. I wrote a whole review on the movie, so pop over to my other blog and give it a read! 

May 29th. Day 150.
Sadly, a few days ago I found a lifeless baby Starling outside my garden gate. I knew there must be a nest somewhere nearby but there isn't really anywhere it could be around my house apart from the allotments out back. Then with all the noise outside when Baker was going to the toilet this evening I looked up and saw this guy with some dinner in his beak. It flew into next door's roof so I assume that's where the nest is! I hope the rest of the babies are okay <3

May 30th. Day 151.
I know...the 3rd bird of the week but how magical does the setting sunlight shining through the leaves look? This was taken from my bedroom window as I went to bed, showing how light it still is while I'm trying to sleep.

 May 31st. Day 152.
One of the most terrible photos I've ever taken haha. Low light = grain. Slow shutter + shaky hands = out of focus. That's what happens when you leave a photo until bedtime. After all the chest pains the current 'solution' is to us these things more which I'm not so happy about but you gotta do what you gotta do what you gotta do.

June 1st. Day 153.
Sponsor forms printed and ready to go. Only 18 days to go.

June 2nd. Day 154.
Isn't water mesmerizing?