Saturday, 28 May 2016

May 2016 // Days 141 - 147

May 20th. Day 141.
I didn't mean to make this today's photo of the day, especially after it was already featured on my last Weekly Reflections on Underland to Wonderland. Nevermind. I took no other photos so my gorgeous guy it is!

May 21st. Day 142.
It's been a while since a sunrise or sunset was on this project! When I walk to work at 6am the sun is already up and I'm often already in bed when it goes down - one of the only downsides to the summer.

May 22nd. Day 143.
A true 'Black Beauty' if ever there was one! When I was younger there used to be a Black Swan who lived along side the Mutes for a few years. It disappeared one day and we've never seen anymore since. Therefore, I was a little too enthusiastic this morning when I spotted this beauty in the river as I was walking home from work. I rushed home to get my camera and actually walked right out into the middle of the river to get as close as I could haha (the tide was out :P).

May 23rd. Day 144.
I wish I had taken my camera with me today, but alas a phone photo...eek. I had the doctors this morning and then Mam and I took Baker to the 'park' to play with his football. Thank goodness for Monday's and people being at work (meaning less dogs around and a peaceful playtime). Afterwards we popped to the garden centre, which Baker loves as he's allowed in and his Granny treated  him to a new cool down ball and some of his favorite crocodile treats!

May 24th. Day 145.
Due to my chest pain, I spent most of the day on the sofa. While my soup was cooking, Baker and I had a little play outside with his ball though and watered the flowers which are thriving a lot better than last year.

May 25th. Day 146.
Back to the doctors again today to get blood taken and I took my camera so I could calm myself with some bird watching before and after. The blood tests are unrelated to my chest pain, but I'm still getting that pain and am no further forward knowing what it is. Being by myself, talking to the birds - is so perfect.

May 26th. Day 147.


  1. I hope the docs are able to sort the chest pain out soon. That must be horrible :( wonderful photos, as always. Love the one of the black Swan- stunning! x x

  2. You forgot one! Ahh, no worries, I think you've done pretty awesome in not forgetting! Unlike me... who forgot yesterday and almost today but I'm off to magic a photo...

    I LOVE the black swan, I have never seen anything like that beautiful creature before!

  3. Awww, Baker is such a cutie and that black swan truly is a beauty - what a fantastic shot! I hope your chest pain clears up soon as well - I'm sending you get well vibes! Adore that shot of the flower covered in dew-drops as well. - Tasha


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