Saturday, 21 May 2016

May 2016 // Days 134 - 140

May 13th. Day 134.
A late night forgot-to-get-a-photo-earlier type of photo today haha. 200 days to go! I am afraid they are going to fly by too fast now and the build up/planning is just as fun as being there. 

May 14th. Day 135. 
The beautiful Flying Scotsman! If only all trains were this beautiful these days eh? Unfortunately, the setting sun was behind him so I didn't get the best photo of him on his journey North but I still got to see him on his tour and from my bedroom window too!
[We saw him on his return South on the 17th without the sun being behind, but so as not to include two photos of the same train in one post, you can see it here instead]

 May 15th. Day 136.
The only photo I took today was a little abstract haha. I had been trying to photograph the bees on this gorgeous bush in my parents garden, but I'm terrible at deleting photos as I take them when I don't think they're usable hence being left with this odd one.
Baker also had his first swim of the year in the river/sea today which I wish I had gotten my camera out for. There is a quick video of it here though.

May 16th. Day 137. 
I know, I know, I'm late to the Lokai party, but when I recently heard about these I wanted one so badly! It's such a cool concept and right up my street. However, the current colours on their website were not the ones I wanted and what with this one supporting one of my favourite charities I wanted to hunt it down. Each colourway, other than the original clear, is for a different charity and are limited edition, available only for a short time. Luckily I found this (genuine!!) one on ebay. You know how people are for buying limited edition things and selling them on.
Anyway, long story short, it arrived today :) Yay!

May 17th. Day 138.
You'd never think this was little old Berwick Upon Tweed on the North East coast! <3

May 18th. Day 139.
Is there anything better than hearing a Blackbird sing? I see so many people online complaining about being woken up by the birds singing, but to be honest I don't think there are many better ways to wake up. This guy was whistling while I was on my way to work ;)

May 19th. Day 140.
We have been showered with lots of golden rays lately as opposed to rain, so it was refreshing to have a little drip, drip, drop tonight. It brought the snails out in force!


  1. Your photographs are always so beautiful... and I love the abstract ones! How cool to be able to see the Flying Scotsman chug past from your bedroom window!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  2. I swear these get prettier and prettier each week Danielle. That shot of the boat by the river is just stunning, and I love your new lokai bracelet. Getting one has been on my list for a while but I haven't gotten around to it. Love the fact it supports the WWF too, what a find! - Tasha

  3. I'd love to see The Flying Scotsman one day! A beautiful train! x x


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