Saturday, 14 May 2016

May 2016 // Days 127 -133

Fri 6th. Day 127.
Eee, look who it is!! I can't believe Kerri made the journey all the way up here to see me. We had a wonderful day exploring (or I enjoyed it at least haha, I can't talk for her) and I really appreciate her coming all this way. 
The ruins in the photo are of our castle and Kerri is standing above some of the cells! I took plenty photos so look out for more on my other blog soon.

Sat 7th. Day 128.
I wonder how many photos of DVDs are in this project so far...haha. This one though, is my very last Disney Movie Reward ever as they are shutting down, just like I predicted ;) It has been an amazing system and helped contribute many movies to my collection, I'm sorry to see it go.

Sun 8th. Day 129.
A Moscovy duck. Man it took us a while to find his breed. How fab is he? Weirdly he has just turned up today and we've no idea where he's come from. I hope he hasn't been dumped like some people suggest online many Moscovys are...

Mon 9th. Day 130.
Oh how Wonderland-y everywhere feels just now with the beautiful blooms and sun casting shadows. Mam popped out with me quickly this morning to snap some 'outfit' shots and I took the opportunity to get some of the colours etc.

Tues 10th. Day 131.
A sleepy little, collared dove was brave enough for me to get a photo today. Usually, they are very flighty, scared birds and although I had the 70-300mm lens on I was still able to be pretty close to him and he stayed relaxed. Such underrated birds I think. Just lovely!

Wed 11th. Day 132.
Look at my little stunner! He had a shower today (which he hates) and was such a good lad. Then he lay in the sun to dry off! <3

Thurs 12th. Day 133.
Unintentionally, I ended my week with yet more dog photos. Above are Tilly and Brooke who I went to get acquainted with ready for when I will be occasionally going to let them out (and have a little play) in the middle of the day. Aren't they both stunning? I had a fab time with them and can't wait to see them again!


  1. Tilly and Brooke are gorgeous! And Baker is a very handsome boy! x x

  2. There are so many cute photos here Danielle! And you're right, collared doves are thoroughly underrated little birds, I think they're lovely. Love the shot of Baker too and Tilly and Brooke are gorgeous. And so cool to see Kerri with you too! Looks like you both had a lovely time. - Tasha

  3. I'm such a dork! And I stand like a man haha! Oh Tilly and Brooke are the cutest!! Not as cute as BMan, but I think I'm a little bias there!


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