Saturday, 28 May 2016

May 2016 // Days 141 - 147

May 20th. Day 141.
I didn't mean to make this today's photo of the day, especially after it was already featured on my last Weekly Reflections on Underland to Wonderland. Nevermind. I took no other photos so my gorgeous guy it is!

May 21st. Day 142.
It's been a while since a sunrise or sunset was on this project! When I walk to work at 6am the sun is already up and I'm often already in bed when it goes down - one of the only downsides to the summer.

May 22nd. Day 143.
A true 'Black Beauty' if ever there was one! When I was younger there used to be a Black Swan who lived along side the Mutes for a few years. It disappeared one day and we've never seen anymore since. Therefore, I was a little too enthusiastic this morning when I spotted this beauty in the river as I was walking home from work. I rushed home to get my camera and actually walked right out into the middle of the river to get as close as I could haha (the tide was out :P).

May 23rd. Day 144.
I wish I had taken my camera with me today, but alas a phone photo...eek. I had the doctors this morning and then Mam and I took Baker to the 'park' to play with his football. Thank goodness for Monday's and people being at work (meaning less dogs around and a peaceful playtime). Afterwards we popped to the garden centre, which Baker loves as he's allowed in and his Granny treated  him to a new cool down ball and some of his favorite crocodile treats!

May 24th. Day 145.
Due to my chest pain, I spent most of the day on the sofa. While my soup was cooking, Baker and I had a little play outside with his ball though and watered the flowers which are thriving a lot better than last year.

May 25th. Day 146.
Back to the doctors again today to get blood taken and I took my camera so I could calm myself with some bird watching before and after. The blood tests are unrelated to my chest pain, but I'm still getting that pain and am no further forward knowing what it is. Being by myself, talking to the birds - is so perfect.

May 26th. Day 147.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

May 2016 // Days 134 - 140

May 13th. Day 134.
A late night forgot-to-get-a-photo-earlier type of photo today haha. 200 days to go! I am afraid they are going to fly by too fast now and the build up/planning is just as fun as being there. 

May 14th. Day 135. 
The beautiful Flying Scotsman! If only all trains were this beautiful these days eh? Unfortunately, the setting sun was behind him so I didn't get the best photo of him on his journey North but I still got to see him on his tour and from my bedroom window too!
[We saw him on his return South on the 17th without the sun being behind, but so as not to include two photos of the same train in one post, you can see it here instead]

 May 15th. Day 136.
The only photo I took today was a little abstract haha. I had been trying to photograph the bees on this gorgeous bush in my parents garden, but I'm terrible at deleting photos as I take them when I don't think they're usable hence being left with this odd one.
Baker also had his first swim of the year in the river/sea today which I wish I had gotten my camera out for. There is a quick video of it here though.

May 16th. Day 137. 
I know, I know, I'm late to the Lokai party, but when I recently heard about these I wanted one so badly! It's such a cool concept and right up my street. However, the current colours on their website were not the ones I wanted and what with this one supporting one of my favourite charities I wanted to hunt it down. Each colourway, other than the original clear, is for a different charity and are limited edition, available only for a short time. Luckily I found this (genuine!!) one on ebay. You know how people are for buying limited edition things and selling them on.
Anyway, long story short, it arrived today :) Yay!

May 17th. Day 138.
You'd never think this was little old Berwick Upon Tweed on the North East coast! <3

May 18th. Day 139.
Is there anything better than hearing a Blackbird sing? I see so many people online complaining about being woken up by the birds singing, but to be honest I don't think there are many better ways to wake up. This guy was whistling while I was on my way to work ;)

May 19th. Day 140.
We have been showered with lots of golden rays lately as opposed to rain, so it was refreshing to have a little drip, drip, drop tonight. It brought the snails out in force!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

May 2016 // Days 127 -133

Fri 6th. Day 127.
Eee, look who it is!! I can't believe Kerri made the journey all the way up here to see me. We had a wonderful day exploring (or I enjoyed it at least haha, I can't talk for her) and I really appreciate her coming all this way. 
The ruins in the photo are of our castle and Kerri is standing above some of the cells! I took plenty photos so look out for more on my other blog soon.

Sat 7th. Day 128.
I wonder how many photos of DVDs are in this project so far...haha. This one though, is my very last Disney Movie Reward ever as they are shutting down, just like I predicted ;) It has been an amazing system and helped contribute many movies to my collection, I'm sorry to see it go.

Sun 8th. Day 129.
A Moscovy duck. Man it took us a while to find his breed. How fab is he? Weirdly he has just turned up today and we've no idea where he's come from. I hope he hasn't been dumped like some people suggest online many Moscovys are...

Mon 9th. Day 130.
Oh how Wonderland-y everywhere feels just now with the beautiful blooms and sun casting shadows. Mam popped out with me quickly this morning to snap some 'outfit' shots and I took the opportunity to get some of the colours etc.

Tues 10th. Day 131.
A sleepy little, collared dove was brave enough for me to get a photo today. Usually, they are very flighty, scared birds and although I had the 70-300mm lens on I was still able to be pretty close to him and he stayed relaxed. Such underrated birds I think. Just lovely!

Wed 11th. Day 132.
Look at my little stunner! He had a shower today (which he hates) and was such a good lad. Then he lay in the sun to dry off! <3

Thurs 12th. Day 133.
Unintentionally, I ended my week with yet more dog photos. Above are Tilly and Brooke who I went to get acquainted with ready for when I will be occasionally going to let them out (and have a little play) in the middle of the day. Aren't they both stunning? I had a fab time with them and can't wait to see them again!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

April/May 2016 // Days 120 - 126

Apr 29th. Day 120.
New nets for our internal doors :)

Apr 30th. Day 121.
Today kind of crept up on us! We'd been counting down for the Mary Poppins stage show and then all of a sudden it was time. We saw it at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh and it was amazing, though not what I'd expected or hoped. It's hard to explain, but I'll have a review up on my other blog soon. 

May 1st. Day 122.
I cut and dyed my hair and I hate it :/ 

May 2nd. Day 123.
Sharing some gingerbread duckies with Mam!

May 3rd. Day 124.
They may not be what I was looking for but I'm happy enough with my flat pack shelves! At least now my ever expanding live action Disney DVD collection has a home.

May 4th. Day 125.
Baker on the calendar and Baker on the wall. Surrounded by my gorgeous boyo. <3

May 5th. Day 126.
My house is on there!! Jake totally spontaneously bought me this necklace while we were on a rare trip into town together today. I didn't ask for it but he kept going on about it as it has exactly where we live on it and ended up getting it. :)