Saturday, 2 April 2016

March 2016 // Days 85 - 91

Mar 25th. Day 85.
Good Friday, was a good Friday indeed! With everyone (except me) off work, Mam and Dad came round so Baker could open his gifts. I had a busy morning as I also made these yummy Easter biscuits  for the boyo and then Mam and I sorted a 'picky' lunch for us all. 

Mar 26th. Day 86.
April showers arrived was only fair after the sun we've had!

Mar 27th. Day 87.
Happy Easter!
A quiet, normal day was had in our household. Lots of doggy playtime and photo taking for blog posts.

Mar 28th. Day 88.
I dunno how I feel about it still being this light now, when I'm off to bed at night. It's a pretty sky though thats for sure. 

Mar 29th. Day 89.
The sun as back and you can bet my sunshine is sunbathing! If anyone knows how to make the stupid wires in my house look less ugly without having to buy those cord wrappy things, let me know...because argh.

Mar 30th. Day 90.
I know this is technically the 3rd photo of little man this week but oh well, I guess it's been a slow week haha. I went to bed a tiny bit earlier tonight to try and force myself to read my book and as you can see by the reflection on my was still super light outside! :/

Mar 31st. Day 91.
Hidden Mickey pans!! Curry for tea tonight and I just see Mickey everywhere. (Also, please don't look too closely at my hob, yes, it was due a clean haha).


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for free advertising in March, I definitely saw some visitors from there :)

  2. Love all of the lovely shots of Baker, there can never be too many! And yay for Hidden Mickeys. Love that shot of the sky too, the colours are amazing. - Tasha

  3. Aww. Can't get over how gorgeous Baker is. Hope you had a lovely Easter, all of you! I am finding it very hard to adjust to these lighter nights. And I don't even go to bed till 10/11pm earliest. Haha. X X

  4. Those cookies really do look yummie 😁
    Lovely photos Danielle! I love the of March 27!!!
    Jade x

  5. Cleaning the hob is my least favourite thing, so I'll let you off!

    Mmm, I do enjoy a nibbles lunch. We haven't had something like that in ages!


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